Mad Men Chic

Vintage has been a Bollywood favourite for a few seasons now and we saw Kareena go back to this trend while promoting Heroine.

Full skirted dress are the epitome of ‘60s chic and do a lot to further emphasize the hourglass figure. Cinched waits, volume and a shapely silhouette, they can do wonders when worn right. Anita Dongre revisited the trend recently and we have spotted a bevy of Bollywood divas in her version of the vintage trend.

Who wears it best?

Credits: Pinkvilla

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dia mirza by far!!!

Dia, Kareena & Sonam

deepika and dia mirza

kareena and suzanne !!

Obviously the author knows nothing of fashion, there is nothing "Mad Men" or 1960s, which are basically shift dresses and mini dresses. This is more Post Dior or early 1950s dresses

100% Sonam.

Diya and Sonam.

Kareena & Diya

Diya, Urmila, Neha and Deepika

Dia in white and Neha!

this isnt really "mad men"...but dia's dress is especially lovely

i am not sure if Kareena's blue dress qualify as vintage or not...but i like it the best

Kareena wins this one comfortably.

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