Manish Malhotra collection at the PCJ Delhi Couture week 2013

Manish Malhotra showcased his collection at the grand finale of Delhi Couture Week.

Manish's collection was inspired by the princely states of India in the 1930s, an era celebrating opulence. The silhouettes and embroidery echoed the splendour of Indian - European architecture.

The cross-cultural ties created a very unique genre of fashion and culture - an old-world mix of traditional Indian motifs, and the influences of British culture on the affluent Indian Lifestyle.

French shoe designer Christian Louboutin worked closely with Manish Malhotra for his Couture show, using existing shoe designs which were specially fabricated to complement the collection. The models walked the ramp in these stunning creations, which were a striking mélange of Manish Malhotra’s craftsmanship and Louboutin’s designs.

Everyone in attendance was on their feet with applause as Deepika Padukone walked the ramp in a beautiful blue lehenga, along with Shahrukh Khan to support Manish. The front row of the completely packed show included Sunanda Tharoor, Shashi Tharoor, JJ Valaya, Amaan & Ayaan, Rohit Shetty, Sheetal Mafatlal, amongst several others.

Speaking about his inspiration for the Couture collection, Manish said, “In the 1930s, India was a country trying to find her voice. It was the age of opulence, and of affluence. Even as viceroys conducted matters of state, kings, queens, princes and princesses ruled over their own domains. The cross-cultural ties created a very unique genre of fashion and culture, which I am very inspired by. Whether in the fabrics, royalty and the ruling class favoured, and the silhouettes they wore, or in the architecture, and the art, there was cross-pollination at work. While designing this collection, I could imagine a Maharani, dressed in a layered lehenga ensemble, embellished with antique gold, walking down a corridor with her entourage, to meet the Viceroy in his regalia. Their conversations, conducted through a screen, echoed in my mind.”

The collection includes all of his signature styles, crafted using rich textiles like velvet and old textured silks. Sculpted silhouettes of the ensembles are further accentuated by the use of flowing and feminine fabrics, adorned with antique gold embroidery and dull silver thread work by craftsmen. Manish has also beautifully incorporated Chantilly lace, which is reminiscent of that time, and reflects the old-world charm of opulent India.

The palette of this 1930s-inspired couture collection is coloured with saturated, jewel like shades and tints of red, royal blue, mustard, olive, beige and ochre, which adds to the vintage appeal of the outfits.

Credits: viral bhayani

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its very nice collection.specially kareena sari .nice work man ish good luck!

WOW!!! Very beautiful and different Collection. Loved it

Wow! French+Indian designs totally rock!

Manish is dumb to copy Sabyasachi you can tell how unique his designs are a mile away. Manish should stick to what he does best - bollywood style costumes! No need to walk on another persons territory!

As gorgeous as these are, I wish Manish would experiment a little more. For the last couple seasons it's been the same silhouettes and styles with differences arising from colour and fabric.

Ah, to be rich.

Mashallah, sooo beautiful collection. Love all the Dresses

Absolutely LOVE it! Modest, beautiful & glamourous.. Manish never fails to impress me :)


I especially love the one worn by Deepika Padukone... she looked like a goddess. Good work Manish! :)

sabyasachi and way better than manish, manish is overrated.

Love it! The work is so intricate and glamorous.

The dresses are mouth-watering good!

i only like the first 1.

love the topmost right piece... Manish borrows heavily and shamelessly from Sabya..


What's will all these full length skirts. Most women will not look good in them. Makes the models look like they are wearing bedsheets anyway

it literally looks like sabyaschi's collection...

Not this time :/

So-so. Not impressed. Sorry.

Finally something wearable.....

Everything looks so heavily 'inspired' from Sabyasachi

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