In Manish Malhotra: Kareena Kapoor & Sridevi

Kareena Kapoor at Filmfare award 2012
Sridevi at siima awards 2012

Credits: pv

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sridevi is the winner.kareena looks very skinny.she should put on weight.

kareen'a saree is just WOW! gorgeously stunning! I wanna buy myself a saree like that!

sri the cinderella.

Have to go with Sridevi b/c Bebo's stomach looks weird.

Bebo . .all thE way !fashiOn Queen

Liking SriDevi here a lot.

Sreedeviji all the way.

kareeenaaaa.sridevi stands none der.

Bebo is looking good but SRI is looking even better and moreover,when it comes to sarees,Sridevi is the best.

Judging from the first picture.....sridevi has completely spoiled the look of the saree.............kareena is the hands down winner......though not a kareena fan......but dude it is so obvious......i dont know what u guys are seeing???

Sorry but SriDevi is the sure shot winner,she is looking perfect from top to bottom.

Sridevi for me.

Kareena was one of the best dressed at filmfare awards
kareena wins this round

I think SriDevi is winning here as she is looking so stylish.

any day its kareena..i love sri ji....but hands down for kareena here

Lovely Sridevi.

SRI is the winner here,Kareena is looking good but not as geat as SRI.

As much as I like Sri Im sorry it is Kareena if you are unbiased and have taste in fashion you can tell its Kareena

sri devi!!!

Sridevi all the way!! Sorry Kareena...

If you have a good fashion sense and are not biased then its clear that Kareena is wearing the saree much better than Sridevi. In fact the saree looks dull on the latter.

None can beat Sreedeviji in a saree,she is rokking this look completely.

Offcourse Kareena..

Sride looks a little messy

i ll go with sri

Sridevi owns the sari. Kareena's trying too hard to look hot.


I'll go for Sreedevi as she is looking so stylish and hot but still so demure and dignified.


Kareena...Sridevi, while beautiful, is so overrated these days. It's annoying.

no one carries a saree like sridevi

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