In Prabal Gurung: Deepika Padukone or Alia Bhatt

Deepika Padukone attended Karan Johar's 40th Birthday Bash wearing this Prabal Gurung Fall 2012 gown.

Here's a picture of Alia Bhatt from the latest issue of Vogue.

Who gets your vote in this faceoff?

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Anonymous's picture

Deeps rocks the dress

Anonymous's picture

Jennifer Lawrence and then Alia, she's got curves and looks fresh!

Anonymous's picture

Deeps all the way. Why do these editors always manage to photoshop Alia's leg so mis-proportioned??? Maybe her leg is really huge or weird. who knows.

Anonymous's picture

puleeeez compare Alia with hot deepika is an insult to Deepika. Ofcourse Deepika looks way better. And whi compare Alia with her even if its just the dress. Not fair

Anonymous's picture

Are u kidding me..??? Is this even worth comparing..??? with all the lighntn , effects n all Alia doesn't stand a chance before Deepika....
Cum onn...i don think it s fair to compare des two..

Anonymous's picture

what's with deepika's face??? in this pic ali bhatt all the wayyy...

Voiceswriter's picture

Give the dress a rest now. The Hunger Games girl wore it best.

Anonymous's picture

Deepika anyday :) Alia looks like she is trying too hard , I guess she will get better as she does more shoots etc. Good luck to her :)

pink171's picture

ali is just a crap

Anonymous's picture

AliA looks hot

Anonymous's picture

omg, as IF alia bhatt has the figure or height to pull of the Prabal Gurung!!!

honestly i don't know what Vogue India was thinking putting Alia Bhatt on a cover, let alone a Sept cover. Just a feature on her inside the mag would have sufficed.

it really makes me sad to see the interconnections in the industry. its the one thing for Filmfare style mags to corrospond their cover features with upcoming films but why fashion magazines too?

she only has the one expression. she is not a natural actress. she appears short and as young as her age. the only thing going for her is her fair skin (and if we know, BW that will be enough)

Anonymous's picture

Deepika. By a mile!

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Deepika looks flat! Alia for wins for this!

Anonymous's picture

No contest - Deepika it is!

Anonymous's picture

deepika padukone for sure!!!!!


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