I found 1 pic which was shot on the sets of dostana. Hope its useful to all the gals who want to have their hair cut like PC's in the film dostana.

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Anonymous's picture

She's asking "How To" get Priyanka Chopra's hairstyle. Not to have little arguments about how stupid it is to have put up this simple question. All she wants to know is "How" to get her hairstyle. I swear, people need to stop acting like they're smarter than everyone else and just help the poor girl in finding out how to get the dang hairstyle.

Anonymous's picture

u r looking awesome

Anonymous's picture

Looks like shes having a bad hair day...

Anonymous's picture

i love you piggy chops

Anonymous's picture

lol whats so special with her hairstyle? dumb girls

Anonymous's picture

i don't get what's so special about this hairstyle :s

Anonymous's picture

she is looking nice gand sexy


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