Red Alert! Indian affair

Celebrity Style,fashion,red
Celebrity Style,fashion,red

Red seems to be the colour of choice for our celebrities when opting for Indian wear and the past few weeks have seen a surge in this popularity. Sarees and suits in red have become go-tos for everyone from Aishwariya Rai to Shilpa Shetty. Attention grabbing and pleasing to the eye, red looks great against the Indian skin tone and adds a touch of festivity to the look.
Who wears the colour best?

KatLA's picture

Sridevi, Konkana, and Shilpa(2nd pic)

BlueHenna's picture

Konkana then Sri then Shilpa...

Anonymous's picture

Sridevi. Sridevi

Voiceswriter's picture

Shilpa's dream has come true.

lovePConly's picture

Konkana and Sridevi.

Frozen-Heart's picture

In these pics Sri Devi but Preity also looks great in red though you didn't mention her.

Anonymous's picture

Aish and Jaya ji...they both look beautiful yet simple.

Anonymous's picture

Sridevi love you

Pinkvilla_boy's picture

Sri Devi

Kitty's picture

❤ Aishwarya ❤

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Anonymous's picture

sri devi and poonam looks best

Anonymous's picture

sridevi sridevi sridevi!

Anonymous's picture

Sridevi and Jaya Bachchan

Anonymous's picture

sri wins....she is the best...

Anonymous's picture

konkana & shilpa in the 2nd pic. look nice & the rest, they look too much or too less.

Anonymous's picture

konkana looks nice & shilpa in tne 2nd pic. the rest were too much.

Anonymous's picture

iv always felt that indian women look most beautiful in red!

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the first pic is so interesting... ash, shilpa, konkana look so much older than sridevi... ash and shilpa's faces look botoxed.. i'm sure sridevi uses botox (or other kinds of help) too, but it doesn't look so apparent, i wonder what her secret is?

Anonymous's picture

sridevi wins

Anonymous's picture

Konkona wins this. Classy, understated. The rest look like they're attending their own wedding.

Anonymous's picture

Aishwarya Rai


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