In Sabyasachi: Vidya Balan vs Rani Mukherjee

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For their recent appearances, both Vidya Balan and Rani Mukherjee decided to opt for their favourite designer Sabyasachi and no surprises there! While Vidya was in a black and gold sari with green embellishments Rani sported a black and white kurta and pants in similar embroidery. Sabyasachi’s trademark embroidery found its way into both these outfits and we feel both the ladies wear it well.

How wears it better according to you?


rani mukherjee

i think more points for rani mukerji..
she tries different outfits of sabya and vidya just looks emm ok but u can looks different sometime ok, not bad and wow..

vidya all the way.

Vidya, vidya,vidya.
Rani looks like a worn out married mens keeper.

rani for trying different sabya outfits than just saree

Rani if course !

Vidya looks better

Hey pinkvilla boy, calm down. Just because ur bimbo kapoor has no chance of winning award this year...
And because Vidya , PC, or even Rani will win the award, no need to criticise them!

Vidya is repeating the same style, and so Rani scores a point.

Rani for sure! She luks different.

rani is the queen


Vidya looks so beautiful, but I have to give this one to Rani. The reason being, I feel like all of Vidyas appearances could morph into one. There is no versatility to her dress sense.

I love that Ranis outfit is so different. Kudos to her for stepping out of the "norm" and trying something different.

rani coz she tries different outfits of sabya but vidya only sarees

Rani always! Of course Rani!

gawd I love them both. And also Sabyasachi! but sadly none works for me here..

Rani. I'm so sick if seeing Vidya in the same stuff!

Vidya!!! Rani desperately desires Vidya's talent and appreciation for her films!! Rani your time is over, MOVE ON!

both trying too HARD!!!

Rani of course! Vidya looks the same at every event. She's borin.

@spicylia The day you say something good about Rani and mean it, I'll just faint! As someone calls her - Bidyaaa, the Boring copycat of Rani. Goes to Sabyasachi and wears sari's ala Rani style!

LUV Vidya Balan looks...

rani of course.tell vidya ji to try something different!

Both are great actresses though they are not my favourite but I do like them! My all time fav is the legend-Juhi Chawla! Here I'll opt for Vidya

Rani always...


Rani. Vidya wears the same look again n again. Ranis look is so cool & different

Vidya Hands down!!

Here Vidya !



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