Salman Khan supporting Somy Ali's So-Me designs

Salman Khan supporting Somy Ali's So-me designs which supports the No More tears campaign
While Salman Khan's friends, like Sonakshi, wear his charity Being Human's shirt at every event, Salman Khan appeared on the show Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega, wearing the shirt of an other charity, the "Human Being", which is coincidentally the charity of his ex girlfriend Somy Ali ;)
Now that's nice that he promotes other charity, but why this one? Is there any recontact with Somy or he just got confused like many of us between "Human Being or Being Human, that is the question" :P

Credits: Pinkvilla

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these two are meant to be together!!! so cute!

so whats the big deal. Just because they are ex's they should be enemy too?

the shirt is missing the Sikh Khanda

Somi Ali looks pretty

Don't care.

It was actually low of Salman to make something so similar to Somy's brand. I would be pissed if my friend did that to me....

Somi is way prettier than any other bolly actresses, and she has nice skin, just she never makes her skin blenched like others she is naturally beauty in her 36 and ready to marry Salman, they are lovely soul mates

I think u guys are confused - Somy Ali's charity is not called "Human Being". Her clothing line is called So-Me and it supports her charity which is called 'no more tears'. Human Being is just the theme of one of her T-shirts. Get the information right.

Somy Ali is probably the only actress who quit Bollywood and now she's doing something so much better in her life.

awww how sweet!, i didnt even realise!, luv u salman


Hope they get back together asap. I really hope that happens.

shes really cute
good that she supports,its always nice to support charity and help ppl :)
no matter what charity
plus him n her always been good friends,they always spoke fondly of each other

i really love what Salman is doing but Somi is way better than Salman,
she started everything with no money in her pocket and now she has one of the best NGO in USA, she is working 7/24 without and has 0 profit though she helped more than 100 women
As for now, Salman and Somi are doing the same think and it will be great to see them unite

Somi Ali and Salman Khan are good friends peeps, she even mentioned it on her official website. Not remember exact words but she praised Salman.... ;)

hes tryna get a katrina by making her jealous

he wore it to an interview too!!! i would love if somy and salman get together again... out of all his gf's i think she was the only genuine one!!

Why don't they just get married to each other than play hide and seek. He is always in love with her no matter who he is seeing.


I`m also confused!

There just good friends which is great to see and Somy gifted Salman a couple of t shirts when they met up at Thailand (READY shooting).

Great tees by the way. I must get one :)

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