Shilpa Shetty in Sonaakshi Raaj

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Shilpa looks stunning in yet another headturner black and gold sheer back number by Sonaakshi Raaj for the Semi-Finals of Nach Baliye. Do you dig?



She has a hot body.

She is so hot and still has the best body in Bollywood.

She looks great.

very nice!!

We are the first ones to criticize when our actresses are not in desired "size 0 figure". These stars actually work hard to meet expectations. Then there are ppl like you, to criticize if they flaunt their hard work. How sick is that???? I bet if you spend half of the time she spends at gym, you would go around naked to get noticed and appreciated.

man her and akki made the HOTTEST COUPLE EVERRRRRRRR. i really wish he stuck with her instead of twinkle :'( i just loved them together.
oh well. they're both STILL so hot!

How hot does this woman look !!! WOw ...

Amazing figure. Her back is so lean too.

Must salute this woman for staying in shape for so long n extra points for losing all post baby fat so fast.

Why she always comes to Mach Bailey with half dressed? Agree, she I has a beautiful body, but no need to show each and everything to public. Keep something private.

I thought that was daisy shah!!

Are yaar bas bhi karo. Kya dikhana chahthi ho. Sab ko maalum hai ki tumhara chikna badan. What are you trying to prove here that I'm not sure. You are overdoing it, honestly, it is coming out as desperate. For what!!??

woow that bod! i wish i can look like this after a baby at that age..if she had a post preg training vid id so buy it!

Shilpa why don't you just take off your cloths and walk around naked. You love to show off your naked body

omgg. she looks tooo good for her age. And that too less than 2 yrs after having a kid. She must hit the gym real hard :O


How does she stay so fit? That's what I wanna know.

Best body in b-town, always was and always is. She looks fantastic!


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