Sonam Kapoor or Cameron Diaz in See by Chloe

Sonam Kapoor was spotted recently promoting IHLS in a black babydoll sequin dress from See by Chloe. Cameron Diaz was spotted last year wearing the same dress at paris when dining out.

The question is who do you like better in this outfit. I could do not see what footwear sonam has worn but i love the red lips on sonam. Its old school glamor. Cameron doesnt look bad either. I will go with both and you?

BTW this dress is currently on sale for $245 at


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sonam kapoor anyday.........................

sonam's stylist even gave her the same look.

i like it beta on sonam!

SOnam looks better as black head looks better with black dress.

i think Sonam looks nice too.. she just know how to make a look work.. way to go..

she copies or watever....her dressing sense is damn cute n looks great..


wow she looks gorgeous

wow she looks gorgeous

See this was what i was talking about on the other post when I said she copies hollywood celebs look without putting her own twist to it. She even copied Dia'z hair style. :(

love the dress!!!

i loved the dress, love anything black:)

i love y sonam


Sonam beautiful

Sonam beautiful

Sonam beautiful

love sonam in this outfit

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