Sonam Kapoor or Sarah Jessica Parker

Thanks to Anon who commented on this SJP- Sonam kapoor copy.

who rocked this very chic look?

Sonam Kapoor at the spice Mobile event in Depala dress with an Helmut Lang jacket and a Ferragamo clutch

Sarah Jessica parker at the Bravo event. Co-incidentally she just wore it a couple of days before sonam showed up in it.

Gwneth Paltrow promoting her movie iron man.

Credits: pv

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agree with cherry-ripe. so much for calling herself "fashionista". why can't sonam wear some indian outfits, after all she is called a "bollywood actress".

SJP can make ANYTHING look HOT! Sonam doesn't look anything special.

of course SONAM

Wow Sonam really copied her. Even with rolling up the sleeves...

all of them in their own places look fine

Its an untidy look but sonam is very pretty; its a young look


Gweneth!! Though Sonam's a close 2nd...Gwenny look bloody beautiful there!

Sonam Kapoor,coz she doesnt look conscious and carries the dress with comforting style. The rest have a conscious look on their faces.

Gwyneth looks the best, sonam and the old lady in the middle don't have good legs

frankly, sonam looks way better than the other two, esp. sarah jessica parker.

it has to b sonam kapoor..........sonam's dressing sense is really very gud ..........its nt typical bollywood style .....she can carry ne luk gracefully

Wow. Sonam completely copied her look. So much for being a fashionista!


SJP of course...Sonam is just copying her

o wow, gwyneth looks smashing here! she's my fave. i really liked sonam's look b4 i saw the "inspirations", now i think its too safe like sjp has made it totally funky with the accessories. check out multpile necklaces and bracelets, thats such a statement look. sonam, IMHO, is niether here nor there. i love the clutch though:)
OMG! just realized, she even has the sleeves of the jacket rolled like SJP:-0

sonam kapoor, gweneth paltrow.

what a copy cat! she's not as original as she'd like us to believe

Sonam. SJP put a very cute outfit together too but she looks too old so Sonam pulls it off better.


SJP for sure!

SJP of course, she's orginal. Sonam just tries too hard.

sonam kapoor!

woman in black is the best!

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