Style File: Celebrities in Masaba

Ever since she burst on the scene, Masaba Gupta has been a hot favorite. This year she presented two collections, one for Satya Paul and the other for her own label. With double the prints to choose from, our ladies went crazy! Especially love the lipstick print on the sari as seen on Sonam Kapoor. The outfit on Shilpa Shetty is a winner all the way too. The designer herself pulls off these numbers with elan.

Which of these lovely ladies wears Masaba best?

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Love it all.

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Sonam and Neha are my fav! Pernia's looking T E R R I B L E!

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One of "the"worst designers...just goes to show what having connections in Bollywood & cricket can do to ones career

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I'll go with Neha , i like sonam's saree too but there's some thing off about it..

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Neha Dhupia looks really amazing...

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i really love all the outfits. soo great. i want masaba outfit

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sonam wins

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like the lipstick print and other cool prints but the sarees are not to my liking.

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shilpa and Mrs Deshmukh

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Im really not a fan of her clothes. they seem like forever 21 colorful outfits. Neha's is nice. the rest are just weird and even other clothes ive seen sonam wear by masaba are just awkward. not into designer at all.

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Shilpa looks gorgeous

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sonam shila neha!

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The first three women are the winners

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sonam all the way

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very odd designs.. I only love Parineeti's pink skirt.

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Neha & Sonam's saris

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love Sonam and Neha's sarees.

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wow i want shipa's outfit soooo badly!!

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Neha has put it all together brilliantly! Her & sonam look great!

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Sonam looks great but others are meh...


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