Style File: Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut recently got voted the best dressed by People magazine and that warrants a look at her personal style. Her style is quite easygoing and she recently seems to have taken a liking for cat eyed specs. A break from the clutter of straight hair, she is loyal to her perms. She also seems to have a wardrobe of gunjees and sling bags and has been recently spotted in a host of flared numbers.
Do you think she deserves the best dressed tag?

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Credits: pinkvilla

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I like the fact that Kangana is always willing to experiment and it pays off pretty much every time. Refreshing to see.

YAY + I love her devil-may-care attitude.

Shes so random.

kangna is the only bollywood actress i love. all heroines look like clones but this one stands out.

love her..

I wish PeeCee gets inspiration from Kangana. I love Kangana and her bold, experimental style. Her bold style isn't about showing skin, but in giving a different look creatively, even if she may look odd to many. Love her care-a-hoot attitude. She also carries outfits off so well coz of her slim frame and model poses so it is always good to watch. Her natural curls and sweet personality make her unique. Sonam has similar bent/sensibility.

she is awesome :)

Plus she has a very sexy accent... I know Indians make fun of her, but I am an NRI and to me she sounds like a Latina with language issues, which by the way is adored by firangs. Not your usual desi accent at all.

Fantastic. She is my fave along with Deepika. But while Dips has a great posture Kangana is MUCH more experimental, funky, not afraid to fail and yet manages to look at ease with herself. I also suspect she is not sponsored by any fashion house, so she really is making independent choices. She truly has the international look. Self made too!

i love this woman

Great!!! But why so seriousss ???

ALWAYS trying to hard to look like a fashionista which she is not, if you wanna be a Fashionista like Kareena or Sonam first have an aura like them not just trying SO hard every time to look like a SUPERMODEL

she experiments but unlike a lot of others never looks like she's trying too hard

She can compete with anyone, any Hollywood star. And one thing I love about her, is that she actually poses for her pictures! No one else does in Bollywood

Lovely, gorgeous. I totally adore her

VERSATILE! unlike the majority of bollywood bimbos

She can pull off anything!!! Love this woman.

The best part of her dressing is that she experminents a lot..

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