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Celebrity Style
Celebrity Style

While Sonam Kapoor may be missing from action here she has been spotted hobnobbing with the who's who in New York and attending weddings. Off late Sonam has been seen in a lot of Indian looks but with a twist such as the Masaba and Suneet Varma sari and white lehenga. After all she is not one to wear conventional clothes. Apart from that she has been favoring vintage outfits and updos. Case in point would be the red and black Atsu dress and the cropped top paired with the black blazer. She has also been wearing a whole lot of statement and chunky earrings.

How do you like her new looks?

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yay!! Sonam is stunning!

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Love it. The yellow sari with the lace border is beautiful.

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being Fashionista = being dressed for fancy dress completion? okay..
She has a great fashion sense but these days she goes too overboard. But she keeps experimenting and that's great.
Thumbs up!

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always a big YAY for Sonam

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great outfits - its why shes called the btown fashion diva

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What's wrong with not showing cleavage? Better to be conservative and classy instead of fluttering your boobs everywhere, left right as a certain someone :). They're Indian not Westerners with no moral filter.

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Awesome...fashionista Sonam kapoor!!!

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Very stylish.

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LOL the first pic is hilarious! and the sixth pic (in a black dress) is weird ( something wrong with her teeth)

Last pic ? ewww

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LOVE LOVE her style! Fashion icon of Bollywood

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Her style game is on another level. Nobody comes close.

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Nice selections! :)

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she is so much fun to look at!

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She is the best of course!

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I love everything she wears, but it just occurred to me that she does not show her decolletage very much. She should. I love the high necks/collars, but they can be a bit aging. She has all her life to wear high necks/collars

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she is in good touch nowadays..

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