Yay or Nay : Parineeti Chopra in Aiisha Ramadan

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arineeti Chopra shot for the 'Dream Team' photo shoot not so long ago and we finally have the pics.
The actress embraced her new toned body in a blue and black jumpsuit by Aisha Ramadan. In contrast to the lookbook version, she toned down the sexiness of the jumpsuit by stitching up the plunging neckline. 
While I do appreciate that she made the look more modest, I would have loved to see the original version, maybe on someone else.
Coming back to Pari, the unkempt hair and the muted make up further elevated the look and we think she looks fab. You?


No, short legs for such outfits! (

Yay! Looks stunning.

Even if she wears the most beautiful dress she will not look good,she is lost her charm completely.

Piggy Chops gotta stage an intervention for young sis. All about looks for Parineeti. Urghhhh!!!!why????

I think she looks faaabbbbb!!!!

pic filters do wonders. make face look softer and color corrects the skin.

wow so much hate. maybe something wrong with my perception, but i find her really attractive.


She's lost her charm, she will not look good in any good outfit because of this.

I love the jumpsuit

Another wannabe chopra!

yayyy!! But, change your makeup artist, go ultra-glam...or, go natural. This subtle look isn't working.

Pari is disturbingly thin.

she looks gorgeous- the model literally and figuratively pales in comparison.

the pair is dead already ....

perhaps seeing it without the 50 filters on her and then we can decide

she looks good, how is she even trying hard? she is just posing.

either it is the angle of the picture take, but she looks odd..head big, legs short..dunno. she tries too hard, I agree

Nay, this isn't working.

Big head, short legs, she is not someone who should appear in "fashion displays". The dress might be good, but she can't carry that well. Parineeti looks ok in Indian dresses though. And what's with that airbrushing? Looks hilarious on her.

Putting that model pic besides Parineeti has definitely put Pari in the "Nay" category. You will always compare those two and there is no chance Pari can match up to a professional model.

Parineeti tries too hard. She needs to stay true to herself and her personality. What comes naturally to other stars like Kareena, Deepika, Katrina, Sonam, Priyanka, Anushka just doesn't come naturally to her. They all look like stars and have a certain natural oomph to them. Even Esha Gupta, Jacquelyn, Bipasha, Kriti and all have the sexy star quality. She really tries to force the oomph which makes it look awkward. Alia, Shraddha stay true to their style and are themselves. They don't try to be overtly sexy. Pari, please relax!

Nay, he's too short for this kind of outfit!

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