Yay or Nay : Deepika Padukone in Ralph Lauren

Deepika Padukone attended the Ralph Lauren show at the ongoing New York Fashion Week last night.

She wore a cream fringe dress by Ralph Lauren, which she styled with nude sandals, a matching clutch and a sleek back hair do.

I love the hair and make up, but the dress is something which I'm not crazy for. I love the look more with her long coat on.

Your thoughts?

Credits: Pinkvilla

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Thank you. Just saw. WOW!!!!!

Sorry, this was not meant to be a comment like this. It was a response to a hate comment.

Seems like you are hurting. Poor thing. Poor poor thing.

Why is there such hatred between fans of stars? Crazy. Come on India, we may be the ONLY country who behaves this badly.

She is a gem.

YESSSSS! Thank you for letting us know. Why is it not shared? Hello UK TV. Her makeup is the BEST. FLAWLESS.

She is lovely, no doubt about it. Haters pls take a break. Hatred destroys you from within.

Lovely, lovely girl.

Raloh Lauren seems to have lost it really

killing it. DP reigns, as always


Oh so lovely. Just saw her in the Ralph Lauren video (on HELLO UK). FABULOUS!

One beautiful mangirl, Master Padukone.

She can make any dress look great on her Lov u deepu

hahahah what a joke. have you followed fashion ever?

copyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy priyanka

she look incredibly fierce

priyanka has exactly wear same kind of dress

she look so bad in

Such a beauty. She looks high fashion.

she's gorgeous and I love her, normally, but the outfit is just . . . . terrible. Very unflattering. Her hair is lovely though.

she is getting too.....thin...why:(:( used to love her looks

Girl, keep your coat on

Stunning look.

The fringe reminds me of Pc's dress...

So incredibly beautiful... love her look without the smallest piece of jewellery. She is a gem.

with 1 difference. priyanka looks good.

whoever did her hair missed the boat not ok with that dress

yeah i thought her eyes were bloodshot as well but she is wearing lenses so i doubt shes actually high lol

whoever did her hair and makeup did an incredible job. hats off and deepika looks beautiful

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