Chinese customers boycott luxury houses Versace, Givenchy; brands issue apology for controversial outfits

The fashion powerhouses have issued apologies to their Chinese customers after they boycott the brands.
Celebrity Style,versace,Givenchy,Coach,fashion news,chineseChinese customers boycott luxury houses Versace, Givenchy; brands issue apology for controversial outfits
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When it comes to fashion, nothing surprises us anymore. While many brands are embracing inclusivity in terms of race, culture, body size, etc. others are heading in the opposite direction, giving rise to controversies. The latest one on the block is when images of Coach and Versce shirts started doing rounds online which featured prominent cities next to their countries. 

The three brands in question - Coach, Versace and Givenchy had listed Hong Kong as a separate country! Taking things higher, Coach and Givenchy even listed Taiwan which region's sovereignty is claimed by China, as a separate nation all together! Versace went on to even list Macau which comes under the special administrative region of China as an entirely different state! 


The images went viral online and users began to call out the companies on Weibo, issuing statements that they would boycott them. All the three brands then pulled back the production and sale of these tee shirts and issued apologies on their social media accounts. 

Donatella Versace herself issued a personal apology on her Instagram where she said she never intended to "disrespect China's National Sovereignty," while Coach and Givenchy apologised on Weibo and through Twitter. 


Many Chinese celebrities associated with the brands have ended their relationship with the brands post the issue. Yang Mi, actor and singer from China who was the brand ambassador of Versace announced that she had terminated her contract with the brand. Liu Wen, a supermodel and Coach's ambassador also announced that she terminated her contract. Jackson Yee a member of Chinese boy-band TFBoys who was the brand ambassador of Givenchy also announced that he would no longer be working with the brand. 

What are your thoughts on the issue? Do you stand with the Chinese on this matter? Comment below and let us know.

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