Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra , Angelina Jolie: Celebrity eyebrow transformation that will blow your mind!

Our celebrities have had some serious brow transformations from the time they arrived
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Eyebrow trends have come and gone over the years, going from thin to full to practically non-existent, then back to full again. As you may know the current trend is all about that natural bushy brow, everybody including our celebrities are embracing the natural brows.


Eyebrows are the most important feature on your face when it comes to your beauty look. They can dictate your mood, expression, age and can frame your face right, helping to make your features pop! Let us see some of the best celebrity eyebrow transformations.



Angelina Jolie

Back in the 90’s barely having eyebrows was apparently a thing. Fortunately, that trend is gone for good. Now, Angelina’s  eyebrows look effortlessly natural and perfectly compliments her super gorgeous green eyes and warm hair colour.



Deepika Padukone

We are totally in love with DP’s thick and natural eyebrows! But back in the days, she had thin, arched eyebrows which hid her striking facial features.Now it is which and sans-the arch.



Priyanka Chopra

PC might be an international star now, but during her initial days in Bollywood, she had thin brows that didn't quite do much for her face. Talking about the present, her eyebrows are dark, fuller and beautiful! She always keeps the natural look intact while filling them.



Margot Robbie

To the untrained eye Margot’s eyebrow transformation is a subtle one, but to us? Well, we spotted that thickness increase and the arch drop over the years.




Adele’s  eyebrow transformation is by far the best example to prove that a well-groomed eyebrow can genuinely transform a face.





Kangana Ranaut

We are glad so glad that Kangana decided to ditch her thin and arched eyebrows for good! It is so much fuller fabulous now.



Aishwarya Rai Bachan

Aishwarya comes from an era when thin brows were considered godly and perfect. However, we are glad that she is keeping up with the new trend.



Everyon s eyebrows look better except deepika. Why would she do this to herself? Who is advising her? She looks gorgeous inspite of this but who makes nice arched eyebrows into semi circular ones? It’s ridiculous!!

Dp is best

Deepika never had thin eyebrows and I loved her OSO look the best, she was very natural. Now she still looks beautiful but her big painted eyebrows are not always looking good. I mean thick eyebrows are always very beautiful but only natural not painted like Deepika's or Esha Gupta's

I actually liked the eyebrows before on some of them!

Thank goodness for natural and thick eyebrows!!!!

PC's got the BEST eyebrow game, hands down.

Deepika looks insanely different....even the face structure..everything!

eyebrow drawing is the biggest makeup trend that has taken the world by storm. Of course, thin eyebrows are out. Kangana's eyebrows in the past ...eew

undoubtedly Deepika had done little touch up on her face. tiny nose job, skin whitening and eye brow

Back when deepika or kangana weren't as fair

Kangana has had the biggest transformation.

Everyone's eyebrows got thicker with age. Why? Do thicker eyebrows make you seem younger? Also, Aishwarya has the most stunning eyebrows. That arch!

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