EXCLUSIVE: Suhana Khan gave THIS to Ananya Panday and it has an SOTY connection

Student of the Year 2 starring Ananya Panday, Tara Sutaria and Tiger Shroff is all set to release today
EXCLUSIVE: Suhana Khan gave THIS to Ananya Panday and it has an SOTY connectionEXCLUSIVE: Suhana Khan gave THIS to Ananya Panday and it has an SOTY connection
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The new batch of students have arrived and how!! Karan Johar’s pet franchise gets a sequel and is all set to release today. Student of the Year 2 is all over the place and why not? The film starring Ananya Panday, Tara Sutaria and Tiger Shroff has managed to create a huge hype amongst the audiences.


Well, their charm is definitely working as everyone is just talking about the trip. Be it the foot-tapping music, exquisite outfits or their screen gorgeousness, these three have been ruling the nation’s hearts currently. We believe that it is fair to say that Ananya is clearly in the lead, Definitely on the nation's mind and everyone just wants to know more and more about her.



Pinkvilla exclusively chatted with Panday and we got some scoop which links us to the OG Student of the Year, Alia Bhatt. We asked the diva, if she could steal any one thing from Alia Bhatt aka Shanaya’s wardrobe from SOTY, what would that be? She ecitedly replied, “Okay, so here’s a little secret. There’s this one bag which she carried in the film, it’s a yellow clutch. So, Karan actually gave it to Suhana who gave it to me. I have the actual bag that she is carrying in the film. Yeah, I have that already!” That indeed is some information. Ananya’s personal style is also widely spoken about. In her own words, she likes easy comfortable clothes and sneakers - she absolutely swears by them!



Well, TBH, we cannot wait to see this young lady go the distance and shine. What are your thoughts on her style? Comment below and let us know.


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What is wrong with suhanna’s leg... I can’t sleep now

Suhana looks hideous!

Suhana looks awful. They both look like drug addicts but Suhana more. Good lord girl get it together. And, if you wanna pose sexy there's a classy way to do it.

Not supporting nepo kids won’t watch SOTY sorry just done with it

Why does Suhana try so hard! Even in normal day to day pictures...she comes across as such a wannabe :-(

Who cares! Audience should outright reject this nepo kids and give talent a chance. A conscious society shld do this to ensure that those hard working talented "outsiders" get a chance in this industry.This nepo kids promotion needs to STOP!

AP has toget some sunshine and eat a few vegetables ASAP .

LOL! Is Suhana trying to look sexy. And Ananya has the same expression as usual!

When these people are going get vanished? Do we have to tolerate these talentless people now? When are we going to see real actors on screen?


major eyeroll.

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