Vidya Balan hits a new low with a fashion disaster

Bollywood’s highly accomplished and brilliant actress Vidya Balan lacks major fashion sense. Read on to know more.
Celebrity Style,fashion,vidya balan,style,fashion disaster,fashion choiceVidya Balan hits a new low with a fashion disaster
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Vidya Balan is undoubtedly one talent in the industry who is super consistent. Be it with her performances on-screen or acing the ‘fashion disaster’ list of celebrities off-screen. Just recently, the Dirty Picture star sported an appalling look for the launch of her radio show.

She donned a pair of khaki shiny-effect wide legged trousers with decorative front pleats and a silver round neck top with contrast sequin appliqués. We totally agree that the 40-year-old is keeping up with latest fashion trends for the season with metallic hues and sequins, but we can’t fathom why she had dressed up like the main attraction at a circus.

Image source: Instagram

To complete this blindness-inducing look of hers, the actress wore a black wide belt with metal buckle lined in velvet over the sequinned blouse. We wonder what she was thinking! Furthermore, Vidya wore a black wide collared overcoat and a pair of leather platform high heeled sandals. She was clearly an unapologetic shiny mess. The entire turnout of garb waned the body shape outrightly, making her body the same shape from head to toe.

Image source: Instagram

Even though the make-up was kept minimum with slight smokey eyes and an ultra nude lips, the hairdo was yet another cringeworthy choice. Such bizarre combination of fashion choices is something the actress should totally avoid to keep herself afloat from such sartorial sinking.


Leave her alone. She is a fine actress. She doesnt need nice clothes tho shine.

Right at least she’s dressed modestly something we never see now

leave her alone! she has the freedom to wear what she wants. so many other celebrities are horribly dressed but they are PRAISED for their BEAUTY and SWAG. double standard just because vidya doesnt pay you any money to promote herself. she has my respect no matter she decides to wear.

Chambal ki Rani . Murgabad.

She looks just fine! There’s no need to get overly critical... she’s trying something different and wearing what she’s comfortable in is better than all the gowns with boob show we get to see these days...

It is a disaster. Such as it was when she blamed Manish Malhotra for her look in Three Men and a Baby movie but the Bollywood version. She is also overly loud with a irritating laugh though she has a great voice.

These r the same ppl who applaud Ranveer Singh’s weirdo outfits! Let her be , she is no slave to fashion world ! Wear your attitude

why dont we applaud her for not selling her conscience to the money offered to campaign for political parties by the cobrapost expose instead..a person cannot be defined by just the clothes he/she puts on.

It’s ok she is trying something new, why you have to criticize everything, it works it’s ok if it does not work that’s ok too.. I mean we see Sonam wearingso many disgusting outfits, do we say anything? No right so let her try new things it’s ok...

Its a beautiful comment :)

I adore vidya and commend her for trying a new look. However she can rock a classic sari better than anyone and think that style suits her much more

Kudos to her Toft experiments.its just that I don’t see her carry off suck looks with ease.she would try with basics eg jeans and tops,then moving to basic jumpsuits,lbd etc.if same dress was worn by anushka or deepika,they wud have carry on very well.coz they have that physique.

I think she looks great. It is good to experiment with different looks.

On the plus side, she lost weight.

True. Dont fashion shame.

When Sonam wears something like this its a fashion statement, what hypocrisy. Stop attacking this beautiful talented actress! She can wear whatever she wants.

blame it on the stylist not her

She actually looks pretty though...

Vidya doesn’t look good here at all. But am glad she tried. And most importantly she wore what she wanted to.

I love her hair style.

Her face is looking slimmer and she’s looking younger in this look.

hey bhagwan !

Hideous! Sara is a biggest competitor for worst dressed

What’s with the shaming pv? Is she a model, a fashionista (a non work work title). Her job is to act which she does more than fine. Last i heard fashion was meant to be individualistic and inventive and not copy the airport looks of actresses. Let the woman be herself ( which most bw actresses are unable to). Please post

Aha hahahahaha..

Even though this isnt something I would wear, honestly she doesnt look bad at all. Your critique is much too harsh.

Kabse she has been 40??

I love her irrespective how she dresses up. Love her performances on screen, love her interviews, love that she comes across as a kind soul, love the fact that she's willing to experiment and being brave about it knowing that it could backfire.. Why judge anyone for their sartorial choices??

Why is this terrible? Let her experiment. Media is the worst.

Really Pinkvilla? If someone like Deepika or Sonam would wear this you'd go ga ga over it

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