Diet Sabya roasts BRIDES Today featuring SOTY 2 cast for copying VOGUE Brazil's cover

Student of the Year 2 stars Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday, Tara Sutaria and is set to release on 10th May
Diet Sabya roasts BRIDES Today featuring SOTY 2 cast for copying VOGUE Brazil's coverDiet Sabya roasts BRIDES Today featuring SOTY 2 cast for copying VOGUE Brazil's cover
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Bollywood getting inspired or seeking “inspiration” is no breaking news. Somehow the makers or creators behind a project forget that everything in the World is documented. That even if they do get “inspired” - there are bound to be comparisons with the original ones and there is no way that they can get rid of it. Off late, no matter where you look or see - everyone is gripped under the Student of the Year 2 glamour and this piece is just about that.


The new batch of students have made their way in and KJo is making sure that they are all over the place, quite literally! From visiting reality shows sets, to radio offices, getting their length print interviews or featuring on various magazine covers - they’re doing it all. Well, with it being the first week of May, all the magazine covers have been dropped and we got some real scoop out of it.



The leading cast of Student of the Year 2 - Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday and Tara Sutaria featured on the magazine cover of Brides Today. We see Tiger lying in the middle with Tara on one side and Ananya on the other. Dressed in deep greys and black hues, the new kids sure did make for an extremely hot trio. But seems like the students did copy their poses from somewhere but this however, is not entirely their fault.


Instagram sensation Diet Sabya, an anonymous account which is known for stripping off “gandi copies” took notice of the cover. The account was quick to point out the similarities the cover shares with an old Vogue Brasil cover. TBH, both the covers do look exactly the same, from the pose to the background to the composition. It is extremely disappointing to see creative crew steal one another’s work without giving the other due credit.


We definitely do think that the Brides Today cover has been completely lifted. What do you guys think? Comment below and let us know.


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bollywood actors are so dumb they don't know anything .... plagiarize pe conscience ya dumb. I THINK BOTH DUMB AND NO CONSCIENCE!

diet sabya is a god

what kind of students are these ????

I think they are bad influence, LOL

PS:It is a copy, they thought that because Brazil is far away they would not realize it, but Brazil is also on this planet. kekekeke

diet sabya best thing to happen to bollywood culture since pappz

It's the photographer's and Vogue's fault for ripping off someone else's idea and concept.You can hardly expect the stars to be aware of it .

Not only copied, this pose has been done several times, oh and btw I simply love diet !

Remember all these are students !

I love Diet Sabya!


cheap #bannepokids

This cover n pose has been done to death. There has been dozens of such covers over the years.

Old-fashioned cover cheap and sexist, I now understand why the condition of women never changes in these countries.

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