Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Dior - YaY or NaY ?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan attended a Longines event in the capital today wearing a navy-blue tiered Dior gown.

She completed her look with Louboutins & a jacket. Smokey eyes and pink lips added the right amount of glamour.

How do you rate this look of Aishwarya ? YaY or NaY ?

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she looks fab! her face is gorgeous, and yes shes 40, when a 40 yr old starts alteering their appearence to look 20 it equals a disaster. forget her age, she still looks beautiful compard to other heroines, such as shilpa shetty, alia bhatt, nargis fakhri, id rather look @ aish than any of those 3 boring girls

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It is all about the stages of life.Now she is the mother.She looks good as a mother.

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@Tue, 2012-10-16 12:35 — Anonymous- Really rocking comment!She is a role model because not only is she super gorgeous , she is classy, talented and she made her life a a HUGE success. The people who can't admit it are plain jealous!

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I feel so bad for her for being the ultimate beauty for so long now age is catching up. She looks pretty but looks like a woman in her 40s. She needs to get something done about her neck .

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Hey she has lost alot of wait..last time i saw she was not like this.I saw her cannes dresses in the internet and i was not really impressed but here she look just wow..a little bit more wight loss and she will be very preety..So yay from me.

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ash acts all delicate when she is size of a hippo..

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Just imagine SUSHMITA SEN walking the same gown and jacket and watch . . . OMG then it will be a scene to watch, Ash doesnt even smile confidently, too , controlled and measured :/ *pls post this*

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To be honest,her beauty is her biggest asset and drawback both.People love to hate her out of jealousy.But she is a truly gorgeous woman and few negative people cant take that away!

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Come back to movies Aishwarya we miss you!!

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yay, clever to wear a jacket...

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she kills the grace of this gorgeous dior gown

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absolutely yayyy!!!!

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she is showing her watch!!! Wow and people are thinking about her weight

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she should totally loose the jacket.

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she looks seriously gorgeous! actually its the first time she is looking truly nice after having her baby. dont get me wrong, i dont mind a woman with some meat on her, but ash would dress up very frumpily/unflatteringly for her body type. either covering up too much/too tight or wearing clothes tht wld highlight negatives, but this dress, makeup, styling is perfect! she looks beautiful finally!

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Aishwarya rRai bachchan you are not a queen, behave like normal people, please....YaWn!!

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Yay for having the confidence, no matter what!!

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I knw its the magic of BODY SHAPERS.. Ii must be suffocating from inside for her.. but over all she manages to look good.. i donno y pple keep on saying age appropriate dresses .. i don understand it completely.. she isnt wearing any short mini skirt or something.. ofcourse the over all look is jus avg.. 7/10 look.. but still she is glowing from inside.. nd thts all it maters for me..

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These are not photoshopped pictures! I don't know why people keep saying that about every good picture of Aish.

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Yay all the way!

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@Tue, 2012-10-16 04:13 — Anonymous

You think wrong. Get a brain!

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Surely a YAY!!!She looks BEAUTIFUL.


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