Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Sabyasachi - YaY or NaY ?

The last time Aishwarya Rai Bachchan opted for this silhouette, it got rave reviews.

At the recently concluded UN Charity dinner, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan once again opted for a similar looking Sabyasachi outfit. I am not too fond of the color. Its in your face. But she looks good.

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Credits: Celebrity

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she's looking like Miranda Kerr

wow she is so beautiful no matter what people say about her we all indians are very proud of her ....she is beautiful and very talented

im sick of seeing her in tents covered top to bottom including hands ! why cant she just go to gym for 30 minutes everyday and just keep a check on junk food.. its really not that tough to lose 5 kilos in few months and maintain it.. 5 kilo loss is all she needs to look her former fitter self..

she has the trademark " all of u natives are SO beneath me" look on her face. at least she's got her mouth shut for a change. argh. cant stand her.
beauty gone bad!!!

Her face looks weird here. Not sure if it was the angle the pic was taken. She looked stunning at the London Bulgari event though....

When was the last time she wore a normal sari!!

Chubby cheeks.
Namaste dadi ji - alia bhatt.

Nay, nay
Reminds me of curtains in the 80s.
Why she has to cover herself from head to toe.
I guess too expensive to get surgeries done on the entire body.
Just face surgeries are good enough.

Yay ,yay and YAY , she looks super beautiful in this outfit!

the suit is pretty but you can tell she is uncomfortable by the way she is holding her arm in the second picture. poor thing

Wonder when Aishwarya will wear a normal sari. But this dress is good for her huge figure now. No wonder she joining charity as I think no director want to work with her now a fat girl!



Beautiful she so doesn't look indian here. I would pass her as an america spanish really easy

she looks lovely here!!! love the hair and make up this time.....had had enough of those sick nude shades!!

YAY for me!!!!

Absolutely Gorgeous!!

amma aunty she looks like

indian and style two different thing. same old style dress, oh plzzzz give us a break


Also it's nice to see her in something other than BLACK! :)

Very elegant and classy, and it suits her to a T... of course it's a YaY! :)

She went from most beautiful woman tag to the fattest woman ever who was called most beautiful.

Not the right dress for the event...sorry....God...she should wear more light colored dresses with hair all tied up...

She hasn't aged gracefully...And NAY for the dress...

She looks good, proof that one does not need to be stick thin to be attractive- great message or young girls and really women of all ages!

She looks like Elvis's daughter

i feel sorry for her :(

IS she crazy or what??? Wearing a blingy bridal outfit at a formal event??? PLease learn from Angelina Jolie who balances glamour and sober at UN events...

I still don't know why she has not lost the weight... is it coz she delievered too late... 30+ or something?

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