Alia Bhatt's floral number - YaY or NaY ?

The super cute 19-year-old Alia Bhatt was seen at a promotional event for Student Of The year in a floral number. A white jacket, nude pumps and pink lips completed her look.

Alia looked cute albeit the dress was bordering on being too short.

Your thoughts ?

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Credits: solaris images

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Dear baby
That article is very helpful for me,i like it,thanks a lot!

Yay! Because Alia is looking sexy hot.

i love alia

ewww.... gross,, as gross as alia herself!!

Darling don't show your thunder thighs if you have cellulite

thats waaaayyyyy toooooo short, i get it she's young but this looks like a sleeveless blouse than a dress


Y she wears such short dreses ??
I hve nvr seen her in long dress or even a denim :/
Her thighs are so heavy..she should cvr them...seriouslyyy

Hi how r u princess alia

I dnt think why do people say her fat.She is pretty cute and she is just 19 but rocked the Dance floor.Watever u guys tell it doesnt matter.She did such a gr8 job in SOTY nd u guys r all jealous dats why telling her 2 get away frm Films isnt?? most of u being elder 2 her U guys r sitting at home uselessly and she is just 19 and dng such a gr8 wrk.Isnt dis the reason of ur jealousy?? GET OUT OF HERE U FREaKS

She luks pretty in every dress and even in dis one [m a girl][mind my saying] but think dat she wld hve even luked prettier if her skirt was a bit longer.She is always "GORGIOUS" otherwise.And her skirt is as pretty as her as she is luking luking v v v pretty in the outfit but wld hve kuked much prettier wen the skirt is covering atleast her thighs.OR OTHERwISE U R TH BEST.The one saying u dnt luk pretty r "FOOLS" 4 sure

dress is so nice but so short dress & very thunder thighs

nice nd cute baby

Oh my god. look at those thunder thighs. lol ;)

I didn't quite know who she is and I wondered why media make such a fuss about her, because her looks does not really knock me off my feet. So I googled her name and was like 'OK, a starkid...'
Then I googled her pics and found some sweet ones (she must have been very young then but was very well photographed, like a diva - 'OK, a starkid..'
And I found a photo of her with Karan Johar at Delhi Couture Week in a dress that reminds me of this one.
Too short, not flattering, but obviously expensive.
I really do hope that her acting skills will justify the hype.

did she just walk out of her bedroom? ewww....sorry alia but u look outright vulgar here! you aren't sporty like a Deepika or u kinda look odd here dahling!!

u luk terrible...improve on ur dressing sense...a big nayyyy frm me...

nay...u luk terrible.....

well.....her body is not like Deepika, anushka or its a BIG naaaay ! even models cant wear this short dress....i think she dsnt have mirror at home

she must hide her cellulites eww

hey alia u look so sexy yaar really i love u alia bhatt ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ....................

i like it. Alia is really pretty

I feel like average boring looking actors are taking over the industry, anushka sharma boringggg, alia bhatt boringggg,

( ranveer singh I wanna throw him into a bath and fill it up with dettol).


hahahahaha OMG I love him but in that I agree with you :)))))
you reminded me of my mom.. always disgusted and wants to throw people into a bath :P

OMG with legs like hers I can't wear the short dresses she's been wearing !!!@@
she looks really bad can't she see it ??
She probebly still in a shock on how she lost weight !!

She totally doesnt have the legs to rock something this short. So she should stay away from it.

NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOO cover those fat thunder thighs!!!!!

cute look..atleast not skinny and sick looking like models

Couldn't she find a little bit shorter dress?! Now, she has to fire her stylist for not completing the look

this is a hifh low dress... it is supposed to be this short!!! she is looking very nice... although i wd have preferred seeing her in shocking pink/ red pumps

horrible legs she should cover them up.

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