Kareena Kapoor Khan in Atsu

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Kareena Kapoor Khan chose a floral Atsu dress for a charity dinner in NYC. Hair tied in a pony tail, a thin brown belt and a pair of diamond earrings completed the chic look. We loved it! You?



love it

Hi bebo.u r most beautiful in the world.i m huge fan 4 u.

She's got some really great Genes plus she ain't even that old when it comes to age, you know same age as Nargis and Sunny.

She's truly gorgeous. Is she ever going to age?

Oh come on Shakuni you're confusing her with Aish

Now, that´s more like it! she looks good & she knows it!

I think she looks really nice and didn't need the *cough*photoshop*cough* //now I just feel mean.

I am her biggest fan but she looks old. And her wrinkles are starting to show up.

Wait n watch those arms in her next outdoor pic..you will see what i mean

That was happening on Aish's article. Go and spam that page to get it back on No.1

she looks younger each time I see her!

Kareena's PR posting positive comments *yawn*


So sweet of you :P

Kareena you are beautiful and stunning. Please do not gin weight you make a statement when you wear good clothes.

Yay!! very pretty :)



Kareena is one of the top actresses of the country so if she is famous for being famous then Priyanka, Vidya, Kangana, Deepika, etc are all famous for being famous. Btw, Paris Hilton is a billionaire entrepreneur, independent of her inheritance.

She looks divine here. Truly inspirational.

Picture Perfect!!!

"famous for being famous"??? am i missing something??? Kareena Kapoor is one of the top actresses of the country unlike Paris...Now if that qualifies as 'famous for being famous', then by that analogy PC, Deepika and all the other actresses should be one too...Jeez...

Wow, all that vacation and holidaying did her well....think she lost 3 kilos

Her sister is naturally thin n kareena always been heavy!! She lost a lot weight!! Everyone's body is different!! Don't compare all the skinny minnes with kareena! All of them were models! Kareena isn't a model she is an ACTRESS

she looks so slim and stunning, love the dress!

I love her body and she looks great



Welcome back on PV after a short lived break, our own famous for being famous paris Hilton!

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