Bollywood actress in purple saree!

Sonali, Katrina kaif, Rekha, Mandira Bedi, Vidya balan, Hrishita Bhatt, Aarti
Raveena tandon, Amisha patel, genelia d'souza, Rani, Madhuri dixit

Who do you think is looking FAB
It’s really hard to look for actress in purple saree not many pictures online etc. anyways I think madhuri for me HAHK.
Sonali’s looking FAB to.

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Anonymous's picture

Katrina kaif Bollywood Sarees dealtzdotcom

KatLA's picture

Madhuri, Sonali and Raveena

Anonymous's picture

Rekha in her kanjeevaram purple, unforgettable!

MonyIndia's picture


Anonymous's picture

Kareena is best In purple!!! Google it

Anonymous's picture

Rani and Rekha - two queens. :)

yaso_shahidy.rani's picture

Rani only
You know, designer saree said that the best actress Rani wore saree to all

Anonymous's picture


tightpants's picture

i like hrisitha's sari the best.

Anonymous's picture

I think Rani always looks good in saris and katrina does too, except not this one. Sonali looks good too.

Anonymous's picture

Rani and Madhuri

Anonymous's picture

raveena all the way

Anonymous's picture

my goodness amisha looks horrid!! I'd have to say Kat and the girl on the top row last pic.

Anonymous's picture

katty kat!

Anonymous's picture

Rekha,then Rani, then Sonali.

Anonymous's picture

Submitted by unthinkable on Mon, 2009-08-03 18:57. where's sonam?

Anonymous's picture

haha, easy, only Madhuri...that was the most famous sari in the 90's came on the cover of India today or times in 1995.

unthinkable's picture

Sonam! her sari and she looks gorgeous in it

Anonymous's picture

1. madhuri
2. madhuri
3. madhuri
4. madhuri
5. sonali (n no competition after that)
others are trying too hard...

Anonymous's picture

madhuri-ji, amisha is gross

nayma's picture

Madhuri & Katrina

arj111's picture

Raveena, Sonali look the best! whats up with Amisha Patel??

Anonymous's picture

who in this world can ever forget madhuri's look from hahk song "deedi tera"? just one word. WOW

Anonymous's picture


dusky_chica's picture

Madhuri looks the best, that saree is legendary... til today I see people at receptions with the replica of that saree.

Anonymous's picture

Madhuri: a truly stunning indian beauty.

Anonymous's picture

Madhuri looks STUNNING.. and classically sublimely beautiful.

Kat's sari is the prettiest though.

Anonymous's picture

vidya and madhuri - classic indian beauties. katrina is the worst - tacky

Razmo's picture

Vidya and Rani

Anonymous's picture

Sonali,Madhuri,Raveena, and Katrina look nice.


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