In Dolce and Gabbana: Deepika Padukone or Ashley Benson?

Who wore this Dolce and Gabbana outfit better?

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both! deepika looks pretty stunning here! love the hair too

Deepika is lukin stunnin !!


Equally BOTH are looking great in this dress

i would have to say both too............having diffrent skin tone sguits them in different way altogether............:)

deepika for sureee/ looks like a diva



Ashley looks more feminine and natural.

EEEWWWW, there shouldn't even be a comparison! Deepika beats that "Benson" chick without even any effort!

Deepika anytime, her toned skin is fab


deepika looks like a hippie. sorry but i vote for benson !

defs deeeps here! fits her like a glove!

Deepika .. OMG i can't believe i'm saying this for the first time!!!!


deepika looks dirty.

no doubt its deepika who wore the dress better.. she looks drop dead gorgeous and rocks it

Deepika looks hot!

chiku relax, take a rest, crazily comments after comments like pr, lets give a space for normal people.

nothing fake about deepika.that's the best thing about her.stunning figure

Our own desi deepika ofcourse.What a hot bod

D coz she's taller but A's makeup is better with the dress

Deepika is looking beautiful and her skin color is going great with this dress

Tue, 2012-09-11 03:38 — Anonymous

I hate fake boobs and butt so Ashley is way better for me.


You are a Fkin moron..
nothing on dp is fake

Deepika.. ofcourse! her Golden complexion really pops

deepika's shoulders, neck and complexion make the dress stand out... i wouldn't have liked the dress if i had seen only ashley in it...


obviously deepika she looks sexy and exotic...the gold and black combination is looking so hot on her brown skin and dark hair

deepika carries golden very well. in cocktail in the clubbing song -she is wearing golden dress and she looks stunning

deepika...ashley looks like draped in a gunny bag

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