JJ Valaya's Bridal Collection at Delhi Couture Week

JJ Valaya's Bridal Collection at Delhi Couture Week. My favourite is the first black and white outfit.

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Anonymous's picture

sir i am you are big fan

i want to join you as your assistant its my dream

Anonymous's picture

good collection...

Anonymous's picture

and they think that people will buy this crap for their weddings?

hadiye86's picture

different ! :(

Anonymous's picture

Hate it!

Anonymous's picture

Amazing collection!!!! He is too good! The cuts, embroidery, colours.....

Anonymous's picture

like the last one will look great on tall personalities like Sushmita or Shilpa

Anonymous's picture


Kitty's picture

LOL... what's up with the little belt pouch in pic # 5, what wedding stuffs are supposed to go in there! :)

Anonymous's picture

I like the first and last dresses.

Anonymous's picture

umm...these are couture......you don't wear them as casuals....they're meant for special occassions for peple that appreciate clothes....its an acquired taste so shut your ignorant moths and wear your mundane crap!!!!

Anonymous's picture

those cloths not for bride but for other who attend marriage ceremony. some designers sucks to be different.

Anonymous's picture

last last piece is AWESOME!

Anonymous's picture

indian fashionis a disaster yuck

fashion_maven's picture

That first gown is breathtaking.

Anonymous's picture

What's the point of such clothes that normal people like us won't wear? Why do designers create such disastrous clothes that are of no use?


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