Aishwarya Vs the Kapoor sisters

This is the who looked better facefoff between Aishwarya rai bachchan and Kareena/Karishma

First photo: Kareena in a black gold chanderi saree; Aishwarya rai in 2000 at a VIP event in a black gold kanjeevaram saree

second: Aishwarya rai at premiere of Avatar in 2009; The very pregnant Karishma kapoor at the launch of california almonds in 2009.

Who wins this faceoff for you?

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Credits: www.aishwarya

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2 against 1,Still Aish won

Aish anyday

Ash doesnt have that royality..she has to jwel it up..kareena has that in genes..tho i luv missworld

Aish is the best!!!

based on these pics, the sisters look better.

Aishwarya wins without a doubt.

You cannot buy class U earn it and Aishwarya has got it ALL, She is the epitmony of beauty, brains, class and also an icon in her own right who represents the classic Indian icon with her values and respect. So dont even compare her to the Kapoor girls cos they had the backing of their family name to make it into industry but our BEAUTY AISHWARYA made it on her own from the bottom. So All thumbs up for Ash

What is the meaning of class to you?

Karisma wins it for sure

Impossible for anyone to win when compared to Aishwarya. It's an unfair comparison.

The Kapoor sisters win coz Ash is hardly any competition for them!

Aish always copy the kapoor gals...during 90's and between 2000 to 2003 aish always karisma kapoor...her hair style, dressing sense, her moves everything about gorgeous karisma and now aish copy kareena.

Kapoor stole the show....kapoor are better than aish....lolo kapoor is very beautiful.

Kapoor sisters win...

Kapoor sisters ofcourse....

Hey is Aish A South Indian?

If yes then that explain why she has lots of haters and devoted fans as well like hema malini, sridevi and rekha

Aish is not a match to the kapoors

aiishwarya is a class of her own! dont compare her to those stupid airheads that get everything on a platter.

Aishwarya...South Indian Beauty is unmatched...

Aishwarya Aishwarya and only Aishwarya!! Always!

both kappor sister are anyday better then aishwarya....specially karisma...u rocked karisma

with her bleached brown face aishwarya is always a loser! no need to compare
still lack of stepping out with her natural brown complexion even she is a miss world formerly what a loser ...


kapoors simple & natural look.

kapoor sisters r the best

i have seen shakti karishma screamed her worst throughout the film. no wonder no directors want her coming back.

karishma is a better actress than aishwarya and kareena-who both overacts

See karishma in Shakti and then decide folks.

kapoors are overrated bimbos. aish is in a class of her own.

the old pic is Rekha. I heard she was a fan of ReKHA...

first one goes to ash, the second one karisma. ash has not aged well. don't no ?

Aish has a regal n baby face. She has perfect features. Kareena looks like a man with those thunder arms n Karishma a white monkey

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