Ritu Kumar’s bridal collection!!

Credits: http://www.magtheweekly.com/29/fashion.php

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Not impressive

wow this collection is very very nice

this collection is very very nice

its too good!!

Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say tahnks for he answer.

Hi i live in Canada.. I most probably will be getting married next year.I have had a look at her amazing collection and i havr remained a fan for long...If i ever got a chance to go to India i wanted to know if anybody could tell me in which state do you think has the best of her collections? Thanks if anybody could help

ur collection is awesome........................

wow very nice

i just loved all of them

Wow, the pale green one (second pic) is amazing. Lovely dupatta and lovely emerald jewelry too. I wish I had that entire outfit.

it is very gorgious design and model hair styles and jewellery is very fantastic and models are hot.


your collection is very well reaily iempressed

WOW, just so beautiful!

When (if) I get married, I want a Ritu Kumar outfit! :D I'm from Lahore and I once attended a wedding in Delhi, where the bride wore a ritu kumar...it was so amazing!

Does anyone know what the bridal price range is?

look at the mehendi in the 5th pic just love!!!

i love ritu kumar's clothes. elegance all over it.

i'm a huggggge fan of ritu kumar..i just love the combination which she uses in her outfits...and i can never forget the dress that priyanka chopra wore at LIFW

gorgeous clothes

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