Sabyasachi Show at Lakme Fashion Week 2011

Sabyasachi Show at Lakme Fashion Week 2011
SABYASACHI MUKHERJEE’S COLOUR FANTASY FOR WINTER/FESTIVE 2011 WAS A KALEIDOSCOPIC FASHION OFFERING THAT ENDED DAY THREE AT LAKMÉ FASHION WEEK WINTER/FESTIVE 2011 August 19, 2011: Lots of colour with the distinct touches from the Maestro of Style and Design from Kolkata along with four dozen models of different shapes, ages and sizes on the ramp can turn the show into a mind blowing experience for the audience. That is how the third day of Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2011 ended as Sabyasachi Mukherjee presented men, women and children on the ramp in an ingenious manner, to confirm his fashionable position on the charts as the designer who can dress anybody, in any size or sex in stylish creations. Bringing the models in colour coordinated groups – quite an interesting concept – Sabyasachi showed garments that moved in perfect harmony in style, silhouette and form. Presenting the look of the North West Frontier Province and the styles favoured by the girls in Patiala, Sabyasachi added touches of Kathak and Kathakali for the silhouettes and the music and presentation. Using khadi, organza, net, silk and velvet and the beautiful thread work from Kashmir with Zardozi in shimmering silver with floral designs but restrained Bling; the show was an utterly satisfying experience of ethnic fashion that can be applauded anywhere in the world. Twenty three entries comprising groups of models wearing similar outfits in different colour blocking, gave the viewers a unique choreography experience. Black, brown, khaki, red, orange, black, white, the Sunderban floral prints, wide silhouettes, immaculate tailoring along with simple styles which could truly be considered basic, were so impressive, that they made an everlasting impression on the applauding audience. To set the tempo of the show, Dr Mitul Sengupta, the famed Kathak Dancer dazzled the invitees with her expert foot work and then to the beat of her Kathak chants and the accompanying Rythmosaic band; the models made their restrained slow glide on the ramp. The famed Kashmir embroidery appeared on boleros, waistcoats, and edges of swirling kurtas, bundis, tunics, cholis, cropped tops, sherwanis, and dupattas. The wide Patiala salwars, the elephant pants, the flowing palazzos and the cowled pants matched perfectly with the smocks, tunics, kurtas, and jackets.
The saris with ornate borders at times split into velvet and net with shimmering edges were teamed with long sleeved embroidered cholis. The gleaming velvet smocks with embellished bodices and Patiala salwars, the cute scaled down versions of the same for the young boys and girls, ensured that the collection will be a sure fire seller anywhere around the globe. Detailing
was restricted to rows of tiny buttons down the front and the occasional Sunderban floral print appeared on men’s churidars, dupattas or saris leaving the majority of the show in solid monotones. For sheer drama style and immense commercial viability in sales the 48 creations by Sabyasachi Mukherjee left the audience breathless and will thrill retailers as they will fly off the racks within minutes.


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Fabulous . No other word can be used to describe simple yet sooooo elegant .

OMG!!! I'm in love!!
I would love to own one of his items, every piece is a work of art, I can't stop staring and admiring each cm!!!

I am not a fan of fashion industry. I don't support it's existence. But i give him credit for using models who look very indian just because of their darker skin color. (compared to everything we see on tv these days). so kudos for that. a bit like south indian tv i dont understand any south indian language but having lived there and seen tv liked their genuine-ness of portrayal.

i love sabaya's collection.i love his indian touch. from meenu, nift bhubaneswar

Mr SM has run out of ideas! this 40's style islamic inspired wear doesn't work! he should take a sabbatical
Apart from the sari, most 'inidan' outfits like salwar kameez, ghahgra etc are islamic...even a choli for that matetr was created by the mughals, otherwise indian women went topless.

Its differenta nd experimental the flower print with sequin is amazing and beautiful. Very fashion forward and artistic. People should use this as a canvas for more designs.

wow finally something amazing and original after a long time! but the models are glammed down for once lol...

OMG OMG OMG i'm falling for all the Designs.... OMG i love the colors, the Sarwals, & the divine Muslim spirit in the whole collection... he's such a genius Mashallah !! i'm already in love with him!

I like it, it's all very Freedom Fighter chic ! :)

Full marks for the EID theme they really reminded us to get ready for Ramadan Eid

All the models looks anorexic, reeely dull and dead. They should have some real women there

sabya designed my nikaah clothes...n all i can say is tht i absolutelyyy lovveee him as a designer (he himself is also one of the most genuinest human beings ive ever met)...he dresses women like theyre his canvas...a true artist, he understand tht not all women need to be 6 feet tall with pins as bodies to look perfect...

this collection is to die for!!

His works are pieces of art but in terms of fashion, this showcase leaves me disappointed. The sarees were okay, but everything else had too much going on. The harmony that's usually present in his work is missing.

WTF! which are men? which are women? what confusion! what nonsense. Only the floral sarees are nice.

I like all the looks, he's very creative.


Now this is inspirational and different. I think this is the first time I've seen hejab worn on the runway; or even for that matter, orthodox clothing on the runway. As a Muslim woman, I can appreciate this because fashion always seemed to be on the "naked" side of things; too revealing to be considered worn by someone like me. And I consider myself fashionable!
Whether people wear these clothes in real life or not doesn't matter to me. I mean, most clothes in runways are exaggerated; when stars wear them, they usually tone it down a bit; or they will wear its selective parts.
I am very impressed with Sabyasachi!

AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just loved it!!!..... u'll r naive.....u all wont understand this coz it looks like u all dnt understand fashion!!...this is so undertsted yet soo amazing!!...they r soo uncommon n interesting...can u be this creative??...i wud wear this any day rather than the common boring OTT clothes!!


Mr SM has run out of ideas! this 40's style islamic inspired wear doesn't work! he should take a sabbatical

I like the floral print for sarees...not for kurta pants or turbans

I like the look of the models...kinda has a vande matram feel for some reason lol

I like that velvet is making a comeback in some of the's a great fall fabric when used correctly

I like the big pants

But that's it...overall...this was very dull...and I kinda find almost everything he/she does not to be that great and am tired of bolly's fixation on him/her!

Do people really wear stuff like this in real life?

The floral tuban looks interesting!

WTF is that? Does normal sane people actually wears those astrogious matronly clothes?? R they women or men btw?! I just liked the Floral saris n the white sari! THAT'S IT.


What's up with the outfits in the 2nd pic, with the embroidered breasts!

Some of the designs are OK, the little girl looks good, and I like the flowered turban! Some of the embroidery is nice but I don't like the androgynous look he's going for in some of these.

2nd pic w/2 models made me laugh since the design on the tops remind you something right?!! lol
I don't like this collection

sheer genius!

Sabyasachi is always so original with all of his creations. And I love it that he stays very Indian in his styles and in his heart. Love Sabya.

Miss Rani but I understand because she's in New York.

atleast the women are wearing elegant blouses and not mere bras!

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