In bustier top & Skirt - Alia Bhatt & Shraddha Kapoor

Bustier top and skirt seems to be the latest trend our B-Town beauties have taken up to.

Shraddha Kapoor who graced the cover of Cosmopolitan this month was seen in a blue jacquard bustier top and skirt looking radiant.

Following suit was B-Town baby doll, Alia Bhatt at a recent event. She opted for a black top and skirt which she teamed with pink blazer and Loubs.

Both the ladies dazzled in their looks, do you agree ?

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Anonymous's picture

Alia is way beautiful thn Shraddha !!

Anonymous's picture

SHRADDHA all the way she's so beautiful alia sucks

Anonymous's picture

Alia is best

Exquisite_lass's picture

Shradha all the way!
Alia has no fashion sense n body language to carry such dresses. I wonder how Kjo managed to present her in such a glamorous way in SOTY?

Anonymous's picture

shradda. aliya has a belly thats hard to ignore

Wayfarer's picture


Anonymous's picture

Shraddha can't do no wrong for me. Love herr

Anonymous's picture

...may be someone(right filmmaker) could make a movie on Cinderella and cast shraddha in main lead!!
she is perfect for Cinderella's role.... innocent face... sexy body.. acting skills as per her age!!

kohinoor's picture


Anonymous's picture

shradha looks cuter.

Anonymous's picture

Alia is very cute and pretty but she seriously needs to lose some weight. If she has to compete with all the actresses today, she needs to get in shape. She already has the looks, just needs to body.
BTW has she gained weight after SOTY or was she the same but it was just camera effect? Because she looked really thin in that movie.

Meera_'s picture

Shraddha is so beautiful. She totally had the 'girl-next-door' vibe going for her.

ShraddhaKFan's picture

I hate comparing these two. and its a stupid poll anyway Both look great with their outfits.

Salvatore-Says's picture

Shraddha has a better body, so yea I pick her!

Anonymous's picture

you cant compare a magazine cover with a real life photo..I like both

Anonymous's picture

Shraddha, cus a girl needs a sexy waist to carry of the bustier top which Alia clearly lacks.

Anonymous's picture

Shraddha by far

Anonymous's picture

oh alia plz stay at home lol

Voiceswriter's picture


Anonymous's picture

shraddha ofcourse.alia is looking like a small kid

Anonymous's picture

Either the photographer did a bad job or Alia really looked this bad in the outfit!

Anonymous's picture

Its two very different sights. Shraddha look nice but its sooo photoshopped and its a magazine cover its meant to look perfect! while Alia has more of a real look like like shes a healthy girl and seem to work with what she she's got!

Anonymous's picture

Aww shraddha obviously been having a sartorial love affair with the bustier/cropped tops lately. She pull those looks nicely

Anonymous's picture

SK my fave.

Anonymous's picture

Loving loving shraddha on the cosmo cover !! Damn perfection

Anonymous's picture

Shraddha darling all day and everyday. Love that girl.

Anonymous's picture

Shraddha has a much better figure to carry off this kind of outfit

Anonymous's picture

They are not crop tops!


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