Bruna Abdullah,Dilzan Wadia,


Giresh Naik K


Gautam Bafna

Music Director:

Release Date:

Thursday, October 29, 2015
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Four Pillars Of Basement (2015)

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Four Pillars Of Basement is a psychological thriller that shows human frailities and capricious nature. The protagonist Samir is a conniving person and works as a security officer in a mall. He has a big crush on Riya who works in one of the offices in the mall. His twin brother, a lunatic escapes from the mental asylum adding more confusion to the plot. The movie unfolds dramatically as the heroine is trapped in the basement and is unable to get out of it. Whoever comes to help her meets with a tragic death. Will Samir be able to save the love of his life or will he succumb to his brother's evil intentions?

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