Aries, Virgo, Libra: Here’s how zodiac signs react during a fight

In today’s listicle we list down the reactions of all the zodiac signs when they feel or are threatened
Aries, Virgo, Libra: Here’s how zodiac signs react during a fightAries, Virgo, Libra: Here’s how zodiac signs react during a fight
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A human mind is forever on duty. It never rests, never sleeps and never stops thinking. Our emotions are directly linked with our thoughts. While our individual self is usually in a jovial mood, many a time our inner demons get to us. Our inner-self is beautifully balanced with our positives and our negatives.


One of the major issues that we as people deal with are insecurities and threats. Things that can either be physical or psychological. More often than usual in the mind. Threats can really change the course of one’s thinking and one can really get affected by it, if this threat gets onto them. 


In today’s listicle we list down the reactions of all the zodiac signs when they feel or are threatened. 





Aries belong from the short tempered gang. They usually prefer being on their own and don’t necessarily look for picking up any fights or conflicts. However, if someone messes with them, be rest assured that things will turn ugly. 





The ones who absolutely love peace, Taurus hates to fall in trouble or look for trouble. But if you try to get into their space without any invitation then be rest assured that they are not going to take this very nicely. 





Geminis can happily get along with almost everybody. Geminis do not lose their temper easily but when they do, it is pretty bad. They usually listen and weigh everyone’s side of the story and don’t just jump in to conclude.





Cancer is usually the coy one. They hate to be embroiled in any argument and debate and immediately go into their shell. But if you catch them off-guard then Cancerians can really ruin the other person’s happiness. 





Leos in a way live in a bubble. They think that everyone completely adores them. However, if they do ever sense that there is indeed a problem, then they try to solve it peacefully. However, rub them the wrong way and you’ll see their extremely aggressive and scary side. 





This zodiac stands divided, while some of them absolutely love confrontation, half of them cannot even stand the idea of it. They need more than just a distraction to erase and forget the bad and ugly episode. 





The most diplomatic sign on this list. They much rather talk the whole matter out and find what can be done. But if they are wrongly done then they won’t take even a minute to knock the other down. 





Scorpios love drama and it’s interesting to see all of their reactions. They are all for games. They have probably already thought of various plans to take revenge, you don’t want to ever mess with them. 





Sagittarius absolutely hate and detest fighting. They are all about having fun and being positive. Fighting is just not something which Sagittarius would prefer. 





One who don’t really get into a fight immediately but don’t expect them to sit quietly. They always make sure that they are observing their opponents carefully. They wait for the other to falter so that they can put forth their point. 





Aquarius are extremely confident but ones who have a lot of opinions which majorly lands them in trouble. Aquarius have a way of talking and many a times this helps them get out of weird situation as well. 





Pisces are extremely emotional. They have a beautiful way of getting out of conflict. But if you continuously keep pushing them then there is no way that they are going to keep shut. 


Do these traits sync in well with your characteristics? Comment below and let us know. 



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