Aries, Virgo, Libra: Places you should travel based on your zodiac sign

Listed below are places which is apt for your next holiday vacation according to your zodiac sign
Aries, Virgo, Libra: Places you should travel based on your zodiac signAries, Virgo, Libra: Places you should travel based on your zodiac sign
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Wanderlust, globetrotting, travel junkie, words that bring in an instant smile on the face. No matter where you go, traveling helps you in giving you that much needed boost to come back to the grind and routine with all your force. From mountains to beaches to city life to a party capital to culturally rich destinations, every individual has their own fancy and personal picks. 


All of us have our own picks and preferences, our zodiac signs are pretty instrumental in helping us make choices when it comes to choosing our travel destinations. Listed below are places which is apt for your next holiday vacation according to your zodiac sign. 





The best destination for Aries is USA. Aries are young at heart, they love all things luxurious and enjoy adventure. You love going on long drive, under the sun, scuba diving and all sorts of activities which involve an adrenaline rush. USA should be a perfect pick for you, an alternative to that would be Australia. All things modern, organised and full of adventure. 





The chosen destination for a Taurean is Tuscany, Italy. You love to be close to nature where you’re surrounded by beauty. Luxury and sophistication is also what defines you. Tuscany fits the bill for you as you can cosy up in an age old villa while sipping some fine tasting wine. If not for Tuscany, Napa Valley in France suits you best equally. 





The twin constellations, the perfect place for Geminis would be Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. As Geminis are usually extremely inquisitive, this twin destination will fill in for all their interests and demands. Be it the hustle bustle nightlife, perfect restaurants and a balance of a fast paced and culturally rooted life, these places are just the perfect pick for Geminis. 





South of France it is for the Cancerians. You love the easy-going peaceful vibe. You enjoy being in between mountains which have a history to tell. You love to wander around in the woods, exploring yourself. South Carolina is also a destination which fits the bill for you. 





The travel junkie you enjoy getting lost to new roads, new places and new destinations. Argentina is what will please your soul. With a buzzing nightlife scene, scrumptious food and scenic beauty, Argentina is just the pick for you. Hong Kong is an alternative which can please your heart. 





You love all things luxurious. You love to travel and once bitten by the bug you heart just keeps craving it all the more. Malaysia or Mexico is what fits your style perfectly. You love to relax, pampering yourself and then dancing the night away. 





Istanbul, Turkey is what your heart chooses. You are a sucker for all things beautiful, you love to strike that perfect balance. Istanbul beautifully blends in modernity with old world charm - something that Librans absolutely love. Prague is also an alternate option which will soothe their soul. 





Scorpios are all about getting attracted to mystery. Johannesburg holds a very rich personality with the blessings of nature. You too love to wander away in the woods, stepping out to explore and adding a layer to your personality. 





South America!! Hola Sagittarians! South America is the perfect pick for you for your next holiday. Ruled by Jupiter, you love to go out and explore. You do not have a set plan, you just step out and go wherever your heart takes you. Mongolia is another destination for you which is sure to suit your taste. 





As a Capricorn you love to learn. Learn about a new culture, their behaviour, their customs, their entire lifestyle. Taiwan is one place which is culturally extremely rich. It will curb your desires and make you fall in love with the place. Be it their lip-smacking food or their ancient temples, you’ll love it all. Camino de Santiago in Spain also perfectly matches your inner instincts.  





The ones who love to experiment, loves to explore and loves larger than life things, that’s you Aquarius. Detroit in the United States of America is where you should be heading next. The DIY spirit of the city will make you fall in love with it instantly. Kyrgyzstan is also a potential travel destination which will make you happy. 





Definitely a mountains child, Pisceans should next pick the Himalayas as their next travel spot. Calm, serene, soothing and peaceful, the Himalayas are where you will connect with your innermost soul. 


Well, we’ve already given you’ll a low-down on all the places you should be visiting. So we think it is time for you to book your tickets and get on the plane to your destination, right away.

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