Best beach destination in the World which you HAVE to visit once in your lifetime

We’ve listed down the 5 best beaches that you must visit in your life at least once
Best beach destination in the World which you HAVE to visit once in your lifetimeBest beach destination in the World which you HAVE to visit once in your lifetime
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Travel brings you closer to your inner-self. It makes you more alive and brings together a gift of memories and experiences. Like Rumi rightly said, “Travel brungs back power and love back in your life” and we couldn’t have agreed more. While some find a connect with the mountain, some find peace in the midst of nature and then there are the typical “beach bums”. 


We do have a part of travellers group who just cannot do without the beaches. God certainly has been extremely kind to us as there’s so much beauty around us. Beauty which cannot be described in words or even in expression. It’s that one emotion which takes you to another World. Beaches have been an extremely important part of each one of our lives. It instantly connects us and transports us to our inner-self. So many unsaid things come to life, so many realisations and confessions. It is definitely the most romantic natural setting that there is. 


No wonder most of the honeymoon destinations are around the water bodies. It is the only place where you can let your hair down and soak in the sun. A place where two souls connect and become one. While there are a lot of beaches all around the World, we’ve listed down the 5 best beaches that you must visit in your life at least once. 





This destination definitely deserves to be on top of the list. If in the truest sense there is a beach destination which is worth the hype then it has to be this. Seychelles is made up of 115 stunning looking islands which is scattered around the Indian ocean. The combination of pitch turquoise blue water with soft-white sparkly and grainy sand. Although you can visit this place all around the year, we suggest you avoid going there from November to March. 





A favourite place for all the lovey-dovey couples, Maldives is hands the top most pick for a honeymoon destination. Crystal clear blue lagoons, shiny white sands and breath-takingly beautiful underwater life - this place is the typical espace from the World. The best time to visit here is between January to April. 


Turks and Caicos



Definitely one which is new to many, Turks and Caicos undoubtedly have the World’s most gorgeous turquoise blue seas and fine sand. Turks and Caicos Islands is also home to the third largest coral reef in the World. You can spot the most luxurious resorts here which is sure to pamper your heart. The best time to visit this stunning place would be between April to June. 


Capetown, South Africa



Yes, South Africa is not just known for its crazy wildlife but also for its mesmerising beaches. It is touted as the World’s most beautiful city. Capetown houses some of the most friendly and beautiful beaches on the False Bay coastline to the incredible Atlantic Seaboard. Camps Bay and Clifton are some of the best beaches in Capetown. 


Phi Phi Islands, Thailand



If there is heaven on Earth then it’s probably right here. Everything about Phi Phi is beyond stunning. From its different shades and hues of water to the crystal clear sand to the sun soaked surroundings, this one is sure to win your heart. However, due to excess tourism, it has definitely faced a lot of the brunt. The best time to visit Phi Phi is practically all year but especially during August when they have their full moon parties. 


One can definitely never get bored of beaches and all the high and experiences it brings to our life. Do you have more beaches that one must visit? Comment below and let us know. 

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