Love yoghurt? Here’s why curd is good for health in summers

Did you know curd is easier to digest than milk? Here are all the reasons why you should eat a bowl of yoghurt in summers every day.
Love yoghurt? Here’s why curd is good for health in summersLove yoghurt? Here’s why curd is good for health in summers
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What can a bowl of curd not do to make you feel light and cool in summers? With the incredible source of nutrients it contains, is it even a surprise that Indians spoon-feed it to mark the beginning of auspicious occasions?

Wondering what makes it a wonder dairy product? It can’t just be the taste. Soothing, nutritious and fresh for the stomach, yoghurt is truly a summer superfood. It can be consumed as a sweet or salty add-on to cereals or even be turned into a smoothie garnished with fruits or tomatoes. Packed with essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin B-2, vitamin 12, potassium and magnesium, it is easier to digest than milk!

Here are some health benefits of eating curd in summers.

Good digestion
Known as a probiotic, it improves gut activity, soothes intestines and helps in better digestion.

Improves immunity
Loaded with active and healthy bacteria, a bowl of curd helps improve the immunity system and makes it an effective gut healer.

Boosts cardiovascular health
By reducing the cholesterol content in the body, it helps lower down the risk of heart diseases, prevents hypertension and promotes better cardiovascular health.

Builds strong bones
The presence of calcium and phosphorus in curd makes it a great promoter of bone growth. By keeping diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis at bay, curd helps build strong bones and must be introduced in meals of young children.

Aids in weight loss
Did you know two cups of curd can help cut off your extra flab? The presence of calcium prevents the formation of cortisol and effectively keeps obesity away.

Keeps high BP in check
Non-fat yoghurt can help keep lower down blood pressure and in turn keep the body healthy through a rich content of potassium and magnesium.

Prevents vaginal infections
Eating curd is essential for women as it helps control the growth of yeast infection by producing hydrogen peroxide.

Eating curd regularly can not only help maintain a healthy lifestyle but also keep your skin glowing and radiant. Minerals like zinc, phosphorus and vitamin E also help moisturise the skin and keep blemishes away.

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