Planning a solo trip? Here are 6 best places for self discovery

We never give importance to self-discovery. A solo trip is a great way to discover yourself in fall in love with your own company. Read on to find out the best places to head to, to fall in love with yourself.
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In today's world, we all are independent and empowered but we don’t know how to enjoy our own company. It’s important for one to learn how to enjoy one’s own company. It helps you love yourself and make meaningful connections. Solo trips help you with self-discovery and make you feel free. It teaches you how to use your money properly in dire situations and teaches you how to take risks. It lets you put yourself out there and build your personality. Here are some places that are best for some self-discovery.


A small union territory located in the south of the country, it’s a place you should head to if you’re looking for beautiful beaches and French culture. It has French architecture and food too. It’s a few hours drive away from Chennai. This is the place where you’d enjoy taking a walk or renting a bicycle. 

Bodh Gaya, Bihar

This is the place where Buddha found enlightenment under a bodhi tree. What better place to head to if you’re looking for some enlightenment and peace? Bodh Gaya is a sacred Buddhist place. It has a lot of temples and monasteries. This is a place to head to if you wish to explore Buddhism and find peace.

Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro Valley is known for the Ziro Festival of Music. It’s like the Northeastern version of Coachella! Other than the festival this place is rich in culture and nature. There are small rivers and streams in the middle of the never-ending greenery. If you enjoy nature walks and need a break from pollution, this is your location. 

Hampi, Karnataka

It’s a great place to go backpacking alone. It’s a friendly and urban village to head to. It has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is rich in heritage and culture. It is also a very welcoming and hospitable place for solo travelers. 

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho is another UNESCO World Heritage Site rich in heritage. It has temples which have erotic sculptures depicting different sexual positions. Khajuraho puts across the importance of sexual gratification and has a history of tantric sexual practices. It depicts the importance of sexual pleasure and how it’s an essential part of our lives.

Majuli, Assam

It’s one of the world’s largest river island. The trip to reach your destination is an adventure in itself. This place is prone to floods so, avoid going there during the monsoon season. During the monsoon season, this island is known to shrink to nearly half it’s the size. It has lush greenery and is known to be a great place for bird watching. Majuli is also known for its culture and local art. It’s a great place to head to for some self-discovery.

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