Planning a vacation? Visit these 10 offbeat places in India

Wondering where to go next in India? Here is a guide to help you explore some of the uncharted territories of the country.
Food & Travel,travel,travel india,offbeat destinations indiaPlanning a vacation? Visit these 10 offbeat places in India
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Do you close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by greenery, sitting on a mountain peak or dipping into the deep blue oceans? Perhaps, the travel bug has bitten you too. Instead of visiting the same old short getaways and hill stations in India, how about going on a tour to some of the most unexplored destinations in the country?

If you’re looking to have a unique experience, there are countless places veiled within the interiors that escapes the eyes of tourists and travellers. After all, the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.

Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

The natural charm of North East is unforgettable. From the mystical Living Root Bridges to the transparent Umngot River, Mawlynnong is like a box of jewels buried inside the ground. Not many people know but the town is also the cleanest village in the country.

Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra

Named after the ‘Jewel of Vidarbha’, Tadoba – a small town in Maharashtra – encapsulates the Tadoba National Park, Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, Tadoba Lake, Erai dam, Moharli and Khosla village within its boundaries. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, people can go for safaris or a jungle stay.

Bundi, Rajasthan

Lesser known in the desert state, the 12th-century town boasts of beautiful havelis, heritage palaces, forts, museums and temples. A collection of art, craft and paintings await visitors at Chitrashala.

Patan, Gujarat

The former capital of the Chandva Rulers that dates back to 745 AD is blessed with enchanting temples, lakes and step wells. The town is also famous for its unique textiles and Patola saris. What’s more, Patan was also recently added to India’s UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Chembra Peak, Kerala

Located in Wayanad district at 6,900 feet, the Chembra Peak in Kerala is one of the best offbeat destinations in India. A trek to the peak also offers a captivating view of a heart-shaped lake locally named Hridaya Saras.

Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

The town is still filled with the aura of the eternal romance of Prince Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati. From the Mandu Fort to the Jahaz Mahal and Baz Bahadur Palace, the soothing air that brings back memories of the bygone era can leave visitors in awe.

Kangojodi, Nahan

A natural retreat in Himachal Pradesh, Kangojodi offers great opportunities for adventure sports, treks and camping sites. Surrounded by majestic hills and pine trees, it is a solitary spot with considerably lower levels of the tourism boom.

Talasari Beach, Odisha

Unspoiled and untouched, the Talasari Beach in Odisha is among the best places to unwind with your friends. Relax in the refreshing water or revel in the beauty of virgin beaches around.

Kalimpong, West Bengal

A little far away from Darjeeling, the town is famous for the picturesque views of snow-laden mountain peaks. Walk among the sky-high pine trees and roll along the sloping hills with your friends.

Auroville, Bommayapalayam

The doors to this self-proclaimed “city of dawn” situated a dozen miles north of Pondicherry are always open. Mirra Alfassa, the “spiritual companion” of Yogi Sri Aurobindo, helped bring around 5,000 people from 124 countries together to lay the foundation of a town that “belongs to humanity as a whole.”

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to jot a plan and book tickets for your next trip!


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