Restaurants in India serving street food with an interesting twist!

Combining both roadside as well as fine dining, these restaurants are serving street and gourmet food fusion, which is slowly rising to be a cuisine in a league of its own.
Restaurants in India serving street food with an interesting twist!
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Street food has been a success with Indian localites ever since it first emerged as a concept. So much so that now a few restaurants are incorporating street food elements in their dishes. Some of them are even presenting street food in different forms in their menu. The fusion of gourmet with street food is innovative and flavoursome. These are the restaurants bringing in the revolution.

SpiceKlub, Mumbai


SpiceKlub in Lower Parel is one of the restaurants which is pushing up the game of serving creative,lip-smacking food. They serve their pani puri green chutney in injections which you have to squirt in your puri. The pav bhaji comes with a fondue system where you have to dip pieces of bread in the hot bhaji. It is fun to have and provides great taste as well.

Cafe Lota, New Delhi


Cafe Lota celebrates all regional flavours of India. They take it as a constant challenge to innovate and keep the culinary experience exciting for all their customers. They've been experimenting with street food too and the results are worth it. Dishes you must try here are the Masala Chaas, Sabudana Popcorn, and Palak Patte ki Chaat.

The Fatty Bao, Bangalore


Fatty Bao is the chic and trendy place in the Bangalore neighbourhood. It is fun, inventive and provides the rooftop bar experience. Along with their classy ambiance and vibrant playlist, the food doesn't disappoint as well. The dishes here are Kimchi Baby Potatoes, exotic Ramen dishes, and flavoured tea.

Masala Library, Mumbai


asala Library is that one restaurant which has consistently outdone itself and challenges other eateries to up their game. Iconic dishes here are the Jalebi Caviar, Charcoal Bhajiyaand Dahi Bada- all of which are spin-offs to traditional street food.

Taj Bengal, Kolkata


Taj Bengal'spuchka is served with scrambled tofu, alfalfa, gondhoraj dijon mustard and scallion water. They have been adding a contemporary touch to street food, like in the traditional Kolkata Kathi roll, they have used a pesto dressing for the paneer filling instead of the simpler alternative.

Farzi Cafe, New Delhi


Farzi Cafe is growing to be one of New Delhi's favourite cafes. Their Parle-G cheesecake had caused a positive ruckus on social media when it came out. Their bhel puri is frozen with liquid nitrogen and crispies. The menu includes a duck chilli version of the samosa. That sure sounds interesting.

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