These Indian Breakfasts are a perfect way to start your day right

These must-have breakfasts will satisfy your hunger and calm your Indian taste-buds
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You have to admit that it is the most annoying thing to decide what to eat. Especially when it has to be done every morning. Sometimes a bowl of cereal can fill up that empty stomach. But being Indian, not every English and American breakfast can satisfy our taste buds. We’d rather choose poha, upma, paratha over doughnuts, bagels, croissants and pancakes.

Since we understand your hunger needs in the morning, we have a list of breakfast options you can definitely try on a busy morning:

You can’t deny the fact that Poha is the ultimate breakfast for Indians. Each of the regions in India has their own special recipe when it comes to making poha. Kanda (onion) Poha, Batata (potato) poha, Peanut poha, etc. But we have a few different poha recipes that will instantly make your morning.

Bread Poha:
This recipe is a quick solution for that leftover bread from the previous night. Use your favourite poha recipe, just substitute your regular poha with bread and you are good to go. You can even add your favourite sauces to make the poha tangy.

Puffed Rice Poha:
This can be a quick fix to your hunger pangs throughout the day. This is a twist to the traditional
bhel with a South Indian touch.  You can make your own twist by adding some potatoes, beans and carrot to make it more nutritious and wholesome.

Upma is a classic south Indian breakfast dish which does not take more than 20 minutes to make. With a little bit of preparation on the previous night, light cutting vegetables, you can make a wholesome upma for breakfast. There are a variety of upma recipes from sooji upma, vegetable Rava upma, idli upma and much more. Other than these, we have a few recipes you must try:

Oats Upma
Vegetable Oats Upma can be a quick and delicious breakfast or a dinner that can be made without a lot of fuss. Oats can be made interesting with the addition of vegetables and simple tadka, giving great flavour to the upma.

Sev Upma
Substitute sooji with roasted vermicelli while cooking the upma. Toss it with a classic South Indian tadka and the goodness of vegetables. Finish off with a splash of lemon juice and a considerate amount of coriander.

A classic North Indian breakfast, Paratha is a perfect sumptuous breakfast if you have a busy day ahead. You can combine the paratha flour with mooli (radish), Onion, Aloo (Potato), etc.


Gujarati Methi Thepla is a thin Indian bread that is made from whole wheat flour, fresh fenugreek leaves and Indian Spices. One of Gujarat’s comfort food,
thepla can be eaten and stored for a few days. This is perfect to cook on a lazy Sunday and eat throughout the week.

A traditional snack of North-India, the
cheela is made from gram flour and spiced up with green chillies. Add additional healthy diabetic friendly ingredients like oats, making the cheela fiber-rich, nutritious and gluten-free.


Bhurji is by far everyone’s favourite.  Use your favourite recipe to make bhurji out of panner or eggs. Sandwich it between some bread to locally found pav. This is perfect when you are running late or have to eat your breakfast on the go.

Which breakfast food was your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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