Just had a baby? Here are a few things you can do to get started on weight loss

Having a little baby should not stop you from trying to work on your body. Remember to not be too hard on yourself too soon.
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It’s not uncommon for a woman to put on weight during her pregnancy. Especially because we love to feed the pregnant moms food for two people. But once the baby is born a mother’s life can be really busy adjusting to the new addition in the family and healing after a long pregnancy. Once that is done, we realize that most moms end up putting on more than the recommended weight. Most women have body image issues during their pregnancy because their bodies change drastically but post the pregnancy when they can’t lose the extra baby weight it becomes a bigger problem. Juggling with a new member in the family and trying to get into shape can be really difficult. It’s very normal to want to focus a little on yourself and shed the extra pounds post-pregnancy but this needs to be done the right way keeping the health of a mother and her child in mind. You cannot simply jump into diets and intense workout right after your pregnancy. Here are some tips to get you started on your weight loss regime.

1. Switch from 3 big meals a day to 5 or 6 small meals a day. This helps you control your diet and eat only as much as you need and nothing more. Work on portion control. During the 9 months, you gorged on everything you wanted and ate bigger portions to feed two but you don’t need that anymore.

2. Include a little bit of workout in your routine. Speak to your doctor and as per his or her recommendation get started on some basic exercises. Avoid anything intensive. Don’t push your body too much too soon. Take it slow.

3. You can try swimming or yoga instead of a workout routine if it suits you better.

4. Catching adequate sleep seems like a far-fetched dream when you’re a new mom but set a fixed routine and try to get as much sleep as you can. Let your partner and your family help you out.

5. If you can’t seem to find any time to work out or hit the pool or stretch, try dancing. A few moves here and there can help you lose the flab.

6. Watch what you eat, remind yourself that you’re not pregnant anymore and you do not need to give in to the cravings any longer.

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