Trying to burn fat? THESE dances can help you lose weight

Burning calories with some awesome music in the background adds a dash of spice and fun to your fitness regime; Read on
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Burning fat and shedding the extra flab is an important part of our lives. We all manage to spend some time focusing on our fitness but the same old routine can get a little boring. The same old form of fitness can make you lose all motivation and that isn’t good for your fitness regime. A little change once in a while can be good. Dance is a great way to burn some calories and stay fit. Dance is also a form of art that is great for your mind and life. It can help you lighten up and get in a good mood. Dance is a fun way of working out and staying fit without a boring routine. Here are some dance forms that help you burn fat and keep you happy.

1. Zumba

Zumba has amazing dance moves that help you work on your entire body. It’s great cardio and helps you work on your arms, legs, and core. It’s a high energy workout that helps you lose weight.

2. Pole Dance

As scandalous as it sounds, it’s actually a great way to burn calories. Pole dance requires a lot of effort. It is not as easy as it may seem. It requires you to build more upper and lower body strength and its very much similar to gymnastics. It also helps increase your flexibility and tones your muscles.

3. Belly Dance

This exotic dance helps you work on your core and your hips. All the shaking helps burn belly fat and it improves your blood circulation. It also strengthens your muscles and increases flexibility. Belly dance is great for your posture.

4. Hip Hop

It’s a form of street dance. Hip hop is a beautiful form of art and a very intensive workout. It is very popular and requires a lot of energy and movement. This dance form helps build a good balance and helps you work on your core.

5. Desi Style

Any desi style of dance is a great workout. Bhangra or Bihu it doesn’t matter but it helps you work on your full body and helps you tone your muscles and burn some calories. It uplifts your mood and accelerates weight loss.

6. Samba

This is a Brazilian dance form. Samba is a great way to work on your belly and your hips. It is a high-intensity workout and requires a lot of energy. It adds a little fun music and moves to your workout.

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