Trying to make your home more positive? Here are some Vaastu tips for your home

A happy and positive home is important for all people and Vaastu friendly décor might just be what your home need.
Vaastu Tips For Home DecorationTrying to make your home more positive? Here are some Vaastu tips for your home
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Vaastu Shastra is the Indian science of architecture which aims to bring prosperity and positivity in your lives. It’s essential to have a positive environment inside your home in order to help you feel happy and relaxed. This discipline focuses on the flow of energy inside your house. It’s essential to have positive cosmic energy inside your house. It ensures that you maintain a balance of all elements of nature in your lives and homes.

Positivity is an important part of all our lives. Negative energies can bring more trouble in our lives. It can impact our minds and in turn, impact our bodies. You cannot reconstruct a flat because it’s not built perfectly as per Vaastu but you can decorate or rather arrange your house as per the Vaastu to attract some positivity in your life.

Here are some tips to decorate your house as per Vaastu:

1. The main door of the house is the place where the energy enters your house. Ensure that your main door is attractive and well decorated.

2. As soon as you enter your home, it should present your eyes with something that ignites positive emotions or energy. A beautiful painting or a small Ganesha or laughing Buddha is a great idea. Ensure that it is facing the door and not in any other direction.

3. Remove the mirror from your bedroom. If you have a mirror near the foot of your bed and you can see yourself sleeping, it may impact your energies and stress levels. Mirror bounces off the energy that you release back to you. Keep your mirror covered while sleeping or move it to a different corner of the room.

4. Keep your bedroom clutter-free. Don’t keep anything under your bed or keep anything disorganized. Anything under your bed will increase stress in your life. Keep your closet and your bedside table organized. Keep some extra empty space in your bedroom.

5. Don’t keep anything sharp-edged in your bedroom. They increase stress and negativity in your life. Try to keep rounded edges or place showpieces or plants near the edges to reduce the impact of it on your cosmic flow.

6. Avoid artificial plants in your home. Use fresh flowers and plants to decorate your house. Plastic flowers and plants are considered to be dead and anything dead can stink up your home with negativity.

7. Keep fresh flowers at home or in your balcony but avoid keeping succulents or cacti. They create a disbalance of cosmic energy in the house.

8. An aquarium or a water fountain with candles in the northeast direction of your home can bring more positivity and prosperity in the house. 

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