10 Things to do when you are meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time

You’re saying that you’re ready to start solidifying your relationship by placing yourself inside of her familial circle and allowing them to put a face to the name? Follow these tips!
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Being in a relationship is a wonderful thing, but as your relationship progresses, you reach exciting new milestones every now and then. Once your relationship is on a steady and serious track, there is one particular ‘milestone’ you literally dread about is meeting her parents.


Meeting your girl’s parents for the first time is a huge deal! It is very important to make a good impression at any costs. You can almost see them working their way through a mental checklist right from grading you, to determining whether you are worth of dating their daughter! Thus, you will be judged and your future happiness will all depend on their approving nod.


Let’s get this straight, it is entirely up to you to convince her parents that you are worthy! You need to show them that you are a responsible adult with good intentions that you bring value to the relationship, and that you are worthy of their TRUST! Like it or not, their opinion MATTERS!



But don’t worry about it guys! If you want your girlfriend’s parents to like you, here are some tips you can follow to start this IMPORTANT relationship on good note.


Do you homework

Any kind of preparations you do before meeting the parents can be helpful, like knowing about their interests, hobbies, their jobs, etc. and file it away in your head. It would definitely give you a heads up while starting a conversation and also impress them that you know things about them! Thus, doing a good background check will keep the conversation flowing without any unwanted award moments.


Be confident

When you’re meeting your girl’s parents for the first time, smile and greet. Remember to keep the eye contact on point. The handshake has to be firm. Be confident about yourself and about what you’re saying.


Dress to impress

Whether you are meeting her parents at their place or at a restaurant, you NEED to do better than a t-shirt and jeans guys! The general rule is to dress in ‘business casuals’. A crisp button down shirt and slacks will just do the trick.

Bring a gift

This will instantly win you some brownie points! You needn't go all extravagant, get something small, a bottle of wine and some flowers for the mother, or an artefact for the home would be appreciated.


Turn your phone off

So, this one thing is really important. You may be used to checking your phone anytime there’s a lull in a conversation, but RESIST THE URGE! Checking your phone in midst of a meeting like this is considered rude and impolite, especially to

people from the older generations. The key is to stay present and attentive.


Be affectionate with your girlfriend

It is always good to show that you care for your girlfriend. Follow gestures like pulling out the chair for her, attentive to what she says, hold her hand and so on. But do not overdo it!


Be polite, even if they appear rude

Like typical parents, they might pass some offensive comments or remarks, for example, some families love to discuss matters on politics at the dinner table. If you disagree to what they're saying just don't comment, instead steer the conversation into a safer territory.



Be positive

Talk about your interests, hobbies, and other things that are relatively happy. Involve your girlfriend in the conversation. It is super important that you come off as a positive person because no one likes being around a grouch. So leave the negativity at home boys!


Be helpful

Lend a helping hand while setting up the table or while clearing it. They might decline it, but they’ll no doubt appreciate the offer and politeness.


Thank them

Whether you had a ball of a time or not, thank them for inviting you at the end of the meeting. Leave on a good note and tell them you had a good time.


So, now that you know how to get your girlfriend’s parents to like you, you are ready to achieve a new milestone in your relationship. Good luck guys!


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