4 ways in which social media can harm your relationship

In today’s time, everyone uses social media. The debate on whether social media is a boon or a curse is never ending, but it has surely impacted all our lives.
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The impact of social media can be positive as well as negative. It depends on how you perceive it. Social media is addictive, time-consuming and inspiring at the same time. The effect of social media on relationships is unhelpful. Social media has become such a powerful weapon. It is hard to get out the social media world once you enter it. Not all relationships face a negative impact; some learn from it and perceive it in a more positive way.

Constantly checking phone

Here are 4 ways in which social media can have a negative impact on your relationship.

Real Life v/s Reel Life

On social media, we follow loads of people and see what goes on in their lives. Some couples look at pictures and lifestyles of other couples on social media and compare it to theirs. They do not understand that everything looks perfect on the outside. Everyone has their own story which isn’t displayed. This kind of comparison leads to increased expectations. Conflicts occur when your partner may expect you to behave like someone he/she follows on social media. Remember, every relationship is unique in its own way.

Posting Pictures Online

In today’s world, people believe that if you are dating someone you need to post pictures online with your partner. The whole world needs to know that you and your partner spend time together and exist. If you do not post about your partner, you have probably broken up. It is a stereotype that if your relationship does not have online presence, it probably doesn’t exist. On the other hand, break-ups should be announced publicly. If you do not post heart-broken texts, you are probably not sad. We should break this myth and live a life in a way we wish to. Use your social media the way you want and not how others want it.

Posting pictures with your partner


Sometimes, you are so engrossed on social media that you forget your partner is with you. Instead of spending quality time with each other, both of you are constantly hooked on your phone. This creates lack of bond. Some couples go on dates, but are constantly on their phones.

Ignoring your partner


When your partner sees pictures of you with other people, he/she may jealous or insecure. For instance, if you do not post pictures with your partner that often, but you happen to post with other people. This might make your partner angry and jealous. It is weird how these small things can impact our relationship.

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