Are you in love with someone who is suffering from anxiety? Here’s what you need to know

If your partner is always anxious and it keeps getting worse, chances are that they have an underlying anxiety condition that requires your love and support.
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Anxiety can be difficult to handle but it’s even worse when your loved ones are victims of anxiety. If your partner has an anxiety problem your entire relationship can be strained and stressful. And it can make things worse for your partner mainly because anxiety can have a deep effect on your partner mind. Anxiety is a mental health condition that can impact you and your partner's lives. More so because you did not sign up for it when you got involved with your partner but that does not mean that you should flee to the other direction. It’s essential to understand your partner and help him or her through their issues and let your relationship grow stronger. It’s essential to have adequate knowledge about what it feels like to be in a relationship with someone with anxiety issues. This will help you target the right problems and teach you how to fix things when it’s needed. It prepares you for your partner's problems and helps you handle them with ease.

While it may seem that anxiety is just a temporary problem but the fact is that it is an actual mental health condition that makes your partner feel anxious and on the edge all the time. Your partner cannot live a healthy and happy life if he or she has this mental health condition. It can cripple them and make it difficult for them to lead a normal life. Someone with an anxiety problem will constantly worry about their relationship and fear that their partner will leave them or cheat on them because of their condition or because they’re not good enough for their partner. Your partner will always think about the worst-case scenario. Don’t be surprised if your partner tries to constantly test your commitment and loyalty. Communication becomes a big task for them. Being the first one to reach out makes your partner very anxious.

Your partner may look for outlets to vent out his anxiety issues but it may not turn out to be the best way to vent. Chances are that your partner may be angry or irritable all the time. They may pick fights and have trouble focusing and be passive-aggressive or maybe even try to be a perfectionist. They may avoid any social contact whatsoever. It’s essential for you to handle your partner with care and understand their triggers. Going to therapy with your partner may be a great start to helping and supporting them. Don’t let your partner manifest because that may make things much worse inside their heads. Understand that they need your support and though they may not express it they are truly grateful. Even though you may feel the need to fix them and make them happy but try to go against your instinct because there is no way to do it. Getting better is a slow and gradual process and it will happen over time and until then you simply need to support your feverishly insecure and anxious partner.

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