Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: Here’s why you’re struggling in your relationship according to each zodiac sign

Are you a Virgo who cannot help but check on every single thing your partner does? Or are you a Pisces who is struggling to keep your emotions in check? Find out the struggles you face in a relationship according to your zodiac sign.
Love & Relationships,relationship,taurus,strugglesAries, Leo, Sagittarius: Here’s why you’re struggling in your relationship according to each zodiac sign
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Being in a relationship can help you grow and learn both about yourself and your significant other. No two people are the same. Thus, in a relationship, from time to time, we end up learning to make compromises and deal with hard times, etc. It is not always going to be rainbows and unicorns being with your partner, there will be major disagreements, fall outs and more. Every one of us, who are in a relationship can work on making things better if they figure out what is that they are struggling with the relationship. And as we all know, our zodiac sign can tell us the usual struggles each sign endures when in a relationship.


People under this zodiac sign are super loyal and very much committed to having a long-term future with their significant other. The biggest struggle they face in relationships is learning to forgive and forget once they’ve been betrayed. They have a very tough time letting go of past wrongdoings and kind of find pleasure in holding grudges. Their partner will grow tired after trying to prove themselves over and over, even years after they’ve apologised.


Being one of the skilful flirts in the zodiac squad, Gemini struggles with routine and consistency. They are always looking for adventures and spontaneity. If they start to feel the monotony of everyday life, Gemini will move on to a new conquest instantly. Their biggest struggle in relationships is learning to live with the boring routines that will inevitably happen throughout life.


They hide behind their hard exterior shell to protect their super-sensitive self. Once they open up and start trusting someone, they will be committed for long-term. Their struggle is continuing to cling on to them after the relationship is over. They tend to hold on past relationships blocking any relative chance to enter a new relationship.


Leos are known for their inflated ego and refusal to compromise. They struggle during the initial phase of the relationship and act overconfident. But, that is just the mask they use to cover up their insecurities. Once their partner’s earn their trust, Leos will open up easily. If they can get past their initial fear of manipulation and betrayal, Leos have a chance at a proper long-term relationship.


Virgos are the ultimate perfectionist in the zodiac circle. They scrutinise every single detail about an individual before befriending them. Their over analyzing trait can get Virgos in trouble from time to time.


Other zodiac signs should look up to Librans when it comes to nailing the perfect relationship. Known for their loving and giving nature and they love maintaining close relationships. The biggest trouble they face in a relationship is they're way too giving. They should learn to set boundaries and not let people walk over them or take them for granted.


Scorpios steamy nature is super popular and most often lands them in unwanted trouble. But the real struggle for them is their inability to forgive. Once someone has done them wrong, they stand little chance of ever making it back into their good graces.


Sagittarians tend to give their hearts out someone who shows a slight hint of affection. Being a way too generous person, they end up giving it all to the wrong person. Once Sagittarius has fallen for someone, they will give their partner the world but usually they tend to be taken advantage of.


Capricorns are most often in a hurry to settle down without considering if it is the right person. They are very status-driven and want to keep up with appearances in order to be satisfied. So, basically, Capricorns worry more about how their relationship looks outwardly to the public eye versus what’s really going on.


Aquarians are absolute dreamers and they have their heads in the clouds. They are the most loyal sign until if they are given their freedom. Aquarians struggle in a relationship when their partners try to manipulate or control them. As they're super independent, Aquarians instantly becomes emotionally detached.


The most emotional of all the zodiac signs, Pisces tends to shower all their affections and express all their emotion (good and bad) with major intensity. They struggle in relationships because they have a difficult time handling their emotional states. This can be extremely overwhelming for their partner.


Aries happens to be one of the best listeners among all of the zodiac signs. They LOVE to shower their partner with care and affection. But at some point, this great trait may seem a little suffocating to their significant other. Once their partner feels like they are being “mothered”, there are high chances that the relationship is hitting the rock bottom.

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