Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Virgo: THIS is how Mercury Retrograde will impact every zodiac sign

Feeling irritable, annoyed, upset or angry? Mercury retrograde is to blame! Take a look at what this celestial event has in store for you.
Love & Relationships,horoscope,zodiac,mercury retrogradeGemini, Taurus, Aries, Virgo: THIS is how Mercury Retrograde will impact every zodiac sign
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Mercury is the planet which is closest to the sun and is currently in retrograde. It is the planet which rules over everything from technology and communication to travel. It begins on July 7 and goes on till almost the end of the month. This season comes with its own set of ups and downs. Here is what is in store for you this season, based on your zodiac sign. 


This retrograde season, take a break from work which has been really getting to you and pulling you down. Instead, take some time off, pursue your interests and have fun with it. Don't let the frustrations get the best of you. 


Your life will come to a standstill for a while, but it is much-needed. Go with the flow, don't push for things and just let every day cruise through, for if you push for things you want right now, you could face backlash. 


You might feel slightly uneasy this week as things may not go the way you want them to. But try not to retaliate too much and don't let the negativity get to you for the energy follows through. Just let things be the way they are, and the outcome will be better. 


This time is not meant for acting on anything but actually thinking things through, thoroughly. It is not the time to make abstract final decisions. Let the universe settle down before you move on to bigger things. Whether it is career or love, trad wearily. 


This week could very easily turn into a stress fest for you so it would be better to avoid any kind of confrontation. Instead, indulge in things that clam you down when things are spinning out of hand. 


This week, there is scope for many relationship understands where envy, jealousy and misunderstandings will go rampant. Don't get too caught up in the gossip and other people's drama or you may end up being blame for everything going wrong. 


All you need to do this week, is lend a sympathetic ear to people in trouble. Don't include yourself or intervene in their problems or drama for it could put you in a spot when all you are trying to do is avoid a rough patch. 


Make it clear to others what you want and don't want. You will feel overwhelmed by work, people and everything else but don't worry too much about this for they have you back. 


There are a lot of things going on at the work and personal life front and before you get worn out, you need to take a break. Take a day or two off from whatever is making you irritable and you will feel refreshed post this. 


You are known for keeping your composure and for being sensible but the mercury retrograde will turn all that upside down. Stay away from collision for you will need to clean up after a huge mess. Let this time pass and let things get back to normal on their own. 


You are probably the only zodiac sign who is having a good time during this Mercury Retrograde. It is time to pitch your dreams to anybody willing to listen and watch how these dreams take new heights and everybody around you will support you and help you achieve them!


You will feel a renewed sense of adventure and find a way out from that never-ending rut! Follow your instincts for this Mercury Retrograde is allowing you to delve into what you believe in. This is not a time to sit still, Capricorn! 

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