Gift ideas that will make you the best Secret Santa to your Snowflake

The Secret Santa season is around the corner and here are some gift ideas that'll make your snowflake burst out with happiness.
Gift ideas that will make you the best Secret Santa to your Snowflake
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Christmas is just around the corner and everyone has already started prepping up for the holiday season. December for sure makes it to everyone’s list of being one of the most favourite months in the year given that it is the jolliest time of the year. A common trend that has picked up the pace all around the globe is the practice of playing Secret Santa, be it at work, with friends, in a college classroom or with family, this game is the most popular around this time. In this game, chits are made with the names of whoever is playing, everyone picks a chit and whose ever name they get, they become the Secret Santa of that person and have to get them something that they really like without revealing their identity till the very end. The secret Santa has to leave a note inside the gift dropping hints of who they are and the snowflake has to finally guess it. With not everyone being at ease when it comes to picking gifts, here is a list of gifts that will instantly bring a huge smile on your snowflake’s face and will light up their Christmas.

Cute Mason message jar

DIY: If you are really fond of your snowflake or want to go out of your way and make them feel special, then this is the easiest DIY which will leave a lasting impression on your snowflake. Pick a cute transparent jar, write small notes, roll it and tie it with a cute sparkly thread. Fill the jar with all these cute notes and after putting on the lid, tie it with a cute ribbon. This gift will definitely make your snowflake beam with happiness and they’ll be reminded of you whenever they read a note.

Flavoured Coffee or Tea

Let’s all agree that all of us here have a weakness for either tea or coffee and I’m sure you’d know which one your snowflake fancies the most. Gift them flavoured tea or coffee of their choice and make their entire day blissful.

Customised Notebook

Don’t go down the usual “gift-a-diary road”, this time around pick a notebook that reflects and resonates with your snowflake’s style, for example: “Queen”, “Boss Lady” and “Forever Happy”. To add an extra bit of your touch you could leave in tiny notes in between pages, to give them a pop of surprise.

Funny Novelty Mugs

Go a step further and get a customised mug for your dear snowflake. It could either be a fun 3D mug with a funny expression or a funny phrase that they keep saying, a word that you use to irritate them, their most embarrassing picture, their pet’s photo or simply a word one strong message that you want to convey to them, for example: 'Believe', 'You’re the boss', 'You smiled, I died' and so forth. A message can light up a mood or even a day, make sure you do that.

Healthy Food Hamper for all the gym freaks

We all know that someone who is heavily into gymming and is extremely conscious about their diet and these junkies, gift them a super cool health basket food hamper. It can have dried fruits assortments, granola or ginger cookies, nutri bars, soya chips. Motivate them in keeping up with their fitness obsession and be a part of their journey.

Funky Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are the safest bet. You can gift them multiple fridge magnets of things they like or top places that they want to travel. Their favourite stars, idols, icons, you can go all out with this one. Make sure to add a hint of yours to make it all the more personalised.

Favourite Character T-shirt

And what better than gifting someone something that they can wear and roam around flaunting it especially when it has their favourite character, movie or series be a part of it. If your snowflake is a huge Marvel/D.C./Harry Potter/Friends/Game of Thrones fan or be it any other movie or series fan, you can simply gift them a merchandise of their size and make them jump and roar with happiness.

Pretty Laptop Sleeve Case

Nowadays everything is racing towards becoming a personal style. With fashion making a place in almost every section of life, gift your snowflake a quirky print laptop sleeve case. If they like subtle colours and prints go for pastels and cute little motif prints and give them a thing to cherish.

Favourite Book in their taste

Books are classic and the best part about it is that there are so many categories to choose from. If your snowflake loves cooking, gift them a book on easy and quick 15-minute recipe book. If they love doing creative DIY’s, gift them something along those lines. This will not just help them add a layer to their personality but they will always remember you whenever they open this book.

Gift Card for all the lazy bums

For all the lazy bum and confused souls around, a gift card is just the thing for you. Go to your snowflake’s favourite brand store and buy a gift card for them. With this, they have the liberty to buy anything that they like and according to their own choice. Voila!

We can gift a lot of things but it’s when you take the effort of actually adding a bit of your touch is when it becomes all the more special. Also, do not forget to add a little note, either sharing a funny or cute memory of you guys together or just how happy you were to be their secret Santa and trust me it’ll do wonders! We hope that you are the best Santa EVER!


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